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Book Reflections – See What You Made Me Do by Jess Hill

I’ve been learning about family and domestic abuse for a while. In my usual way, I have read deeply and widely, including statistics, reports and more, such as Rosie Batty’s … Continue reading

September 13, 2019 · 4 Comments

Book Reflections – The Caliph’s Splendor by Benson Bobrick

I’ve been saving this gem for a few years since I bought it second hand at the Lifeline book fair. I’d never heard of Benson Bobrick but this is his … Continue reading

July 12, 2019 · 1 Comment

Book Reflections – In Exile from the Land of Snows by John F Avedon

I picked up this book at the Lifeline second hand book fair. I remember becoming aware of Tibet in the 1980s as a child in eastern Australia. I have always … Continue reading

June 9, 2019 · Leave a comment

Book Reflections – The New Silk Roads by Peter Frankopan

The New Silk Roads: The Present and Future of the World by Oxford University Professor of History, Peter Frankopan is eye-opening. Frankopan summarises the activity since 2015 in all of … Continue reading

March 26, 2019 · 10 Comments

Book Reflections – Blue Ribbons Bitter Bread: Joice Loch, Australia’s Most Heroic Woman by Susanna de Vries

My blogger buddy Anna strongly recommended I read Blue Ribbons Bitter Bread: Joice Loch, Australia’s Most Heroic Woman by Susanna de Vries. Thank you Anna for the suggestion! How did … Continue reading

February 13, 2019 · 3 Comments

Book Reflections – The Happiest Refugee by Anh Do

Anh Do is a famous Australian comedian, writer and actor. He and his family escaped south Vietnam when the communist restrictions became tighter and more unbearable. Anh’s father and brothers … Continue reading

January 29, 2019 · 3 Comments

Book Reflections – The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck by Mark Manson

I haven’t posted my reflections on a book in a while because I had a pleasantly busy Christmas break and didn’t do much reading. I’ve made up for that now … Continue reading

January 18, 2019 · Leave a comment

Book Reflections – Once in a House on Fire by Andrea Ashworth

I was captivated from start to finish by Andrea Ashworth’s autobiography Once in a House on Fire. Ashworth maintained a constant, thrilling pace, skipping from brilliantly rendered vignette to vignette … Continue reading

May 31, 2018 · Leave a comment

Book Reflections – The Shallows by Nicholas Carr

A friend recommended that I read The Shallows: What the Internet Is Doing to Our Brains by Nicholas Carr. This is an informative but overly long and single-minded book. Carr … Continue reading

May 19, 2018 · Leave a comment

Book Reflections – India Rising: Tales from a Changing Nation by Oliver Balch

I started reading about India with Freedom at Midnight, a comprehensive historical account of the partition of India from Pakistan. Since then I’ve read many novels by Indian authors and … Continue reading

April 9, 2018 · Leave a comment