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Hiking to the National Arboretum

For the first time since 2007 I’ve been working full time. On top of that, as a member of a car-free household, I’ve been commuting by bus for 90 minutes … Continue reading

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Tourists In Trondheim -Ferry to Vanvikan 

During my nephew’s week staying with us we had the opportunity to be tourists in our new home of Trondheim, Norway. For the first time we caught the ferry across … Continue reading

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Tourists in Trondheim – Tram to Lian

During the 1 week that my 23 year old nephew stayed with us in Trondheim we enjoyed being tourists in our new hometown. We caught the tram from the park in Ila up … Continue reading

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Skiing at Skistua, Trondheim 

When we researched Trondheim before moving here from Australia in July 2015, we read about how great it is to go cross country skiing on Bymarka mountain beside the town. … Continue reading

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My daughter is in year 4 at primary school and we did the research for this post together in preparation for her poster presentation on elephants.  Once elephants were common … Continue reading

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Lovely Langkawi – Seven Wells Waterfall

At breakfast today I looked around me at the other guests. From the super tall Dutch women in revealing clothes to the Chinese women in functional clothes to the Malay … Continue reading

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Autumn in Bavaria – not black forest 

We set off from our apartment in Viereth Trunstadt, along a creek, beside farms and headed towards the lovely forest. We stopped to chat with a lovely ederly woman in … Continue reading

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Hiking to Baklidammen

Friday = no work = hiking with my husband = shinrin yoku Trondheim is the perfect little city for hiking. Just 6 km from our home are these beautiful lakes and … Continue reading

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Autumn walking in Trondheim 

My husband and I continue to walk on my Friday off work every week. It gives us time to talk, think and reconnect. We live in Trondheim, Norway without a … Continue reading

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Rypetoppen Adventurepark

Rypetoppen Adventurepark is in Meråker, Norway on the E14, towards Storlien, Sweden. I took my two children (7 and 9 years) there on Sunday 4th September. My son is 1.25m tall so he … Continue reading

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