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Memories from my childhood – Cool Dude

When my parents took a big financial risk to buy our farm they already owned a house in town and a small farm in very marginal country five hours drive … Continue reading

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Memories from my childhood – Land Rover 

When we moved to the farm we had a Sigma car designed for driving in town. The entrance track connecting our farm to the highway was rough and included 3 creek crossings … Continue reading

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Memories from my childhood – Snake in the shed

Living in a shed in the bush, so close to the forest meant that we were surrounded by the typical native animals of the Sydney Basin. We had a cleared section … Continue reading

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Memories from my childhood – Name tshirts 

Do you remember The Goodies tv show? I watched it in black and white as a kid. It was so silly and funny to me. I wonder what adult jokes I … Continue reading

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Memories from my childhood – Installing a water supply

For my entire childhood it seemed that the urgent work of setting up a semi-self-sufficient lifestyle on a bush block would never end. Once we had put in an access … Continue reading

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Memories from my childhood – Chooks

Now that we lived in the shed we could settle into life in the countryside and shape the surroundings of our home. We had a beautiful kurrajong tree growing 10m down the … Continue reading

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Memories from my childhood – Toilet under the stars

Moving to a bush block with no amenities means a lot of considerations that most people living in modern wealthy societies do not need to think about, except perhaps when … Continue reading

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Memories from my childhood – The shed

We had a 4-car garage with fibro board walls and a corrugated iron roof built in 1982 and that was to be our home. The shed had three rooms; one … Continue reading

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Memories from my childhood – Moving in and setting up

After the earth-moving equipment had prepared a patch of flat ground and an access track it was time to move to our new home. We packed up our things and … Continue reading

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Memories from my childhood – Spider in my boot

While we were living in the caravan in the backyard of my grandparent’s house, my parents must have been saving every cent they could spare. Apart from repaying the loans … Continue reading

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