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Memories from my childhood – Snake in the shed

Living in a shed in the bush, so close to the forest meant that we were surrounded by the typical native animals of the Sydney Basin. We had a cleared section … Continue reading

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Memories from my childhood – Name tshirts 

Do you remember The Goodies tv show? I watched it in black and white as a kid. It was so silly and funny to me. I wonder what adult jokes I … Continue reading

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Book Reflections – Beijing Coma by Ma Jian

The novel Beijing Coma by Ma Jian follows two parallel streams, both moving chronologically through the novel and intertwining every 1 to 6 pages. Both streams are narrated in the … Continue reading

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Memories from my childhood – Installing a water supply

For my entire childhood it seemed that the urgent work of setting up a semi-self-sufficient lifestyle on a bush block would never end. Once we had put in an access … Continue reading

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Memories from my childhood – Chooks

Now that we lived in the shed we could settle into life in the countryside and shape the surroundings of our home. We had a beautiful kurrajong tree growing 10m down the … Continue reading

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Rome for a day

We had 10 wonderful days staying in Anzio, Italy in June this year. One day we caught the train to Rome so that we could explore a little of that legendary … Continue reading

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Memories from my childhood – Toilet under the stars

Moving to a bush block with no amenities means a lot of considerations that most people living in modern wealthy societies do not need to think about, except perhaps when … Continue reading

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Memories from my childhood – The shed

We had a 4-car garage with fibro board walls and a corrugated iron roof built in 1982 and that was to be our home. The shed had three rooms; one … Continue reading

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Memories from my childhood – Moving in and setting up

After the earth-moving equipment had prepared a patch of flat ground and an access track it was time to move to our new home. We packed up our things and … Continue reading

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Book Reflections – Leap of Faith by Queen Noor

Lisa Halaby grew up in the USA with a Swedish-American mother and an Arab-American father. Her father was an influential man involved in the air industry and governance, at one … Continue reading

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