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San Nicolás Procesión del Santo Entierro, Valencia, Spain 

It’s Good Friday and we are staying in the old town of Valencia, Spain for the school holidays. This evening my daughter and I arrived a few minutes early and … Continue reading

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Street art in central old town, Valencia, Spain 

This morning our favourite, hole-in-the-wall coffee bar was closed! It’s a public holiday today for Easter week but we didn’t expect the coffee bar to close. We wandered into the … Continue reading

April 14, 2017 · 1 Comment

Procesión del Cristo de las Penas, Valencia old town

One of the reasons for our trip to Valencia, Spain is to watch some of the processions to do with the crucifixion and rising from the dead of Christ. This … Continue reading

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Valencia old town and more street art

We wandered around despondently looking for a nice place to eat lunch that takes care to prepare decent food instead of microwave reheating frozen meals for tourists. That is a … Continue reading

April 13, 2017 · 4 Comments

Mercado Central and more street art in Valencia, Spain 

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Street Art in Valencia, Spain 

It’s Easter school holidays (påskeferie) and we took advantage of living on the top of Europe, cheap direct flights to Barcelona with Norwegian airline, cheap accommodation through and decided … Continue reading

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Book Reflections – The Sámi People; A Handbook by John Trygve Solbakk 

I’ve wanted to learn about the Sámi people of Norway and this book provided all of the information about the history that I wished to know. It starts in the … Continue reading

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Book Reflections – Roma and Gypsy-Travellers in Europe by Angus Bancroft

You may be wondering why an Australian is interested in Roma people. Like many others I look with confusion at the Romani beggars in Trondheim who sit outside begging in … Continue reading

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Spring equinox in Trondheim, Norway

Spring has brought mixed climatic conditions to Trondheim, from -9C and icy but sunny to abundant snow to rain and 8C. Light has returned and with it shorter trousers, thin … Continue reading

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Book Reflections – A History of Norway by Ivar Libæk and Øivind Stenersen

I’m living in Trondheim, Norway on a 2 year expat assignment with my family. We moved here from Australia and I knew very little about Norway before we arrived in … Continue reading

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