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Memories from my childhood – Name tshirts 

Do you remember The Goodies tv show? I watched it in black and white as a kid. It was so silly and funny to me. I wonder what adult jokes I didn’t understand. Anyway, they used a distinctive bubble shaped font on their tshirts that you can see in the photo below. 

This is what I mean by bubble writing. Image source:

In 1984 when I was 7 and we were living in the shed on our farm, my mother bought plain cotton raglan-short-sleeved tshirts for all 9 of us cousins. She made templates of our names using a similar sort of bubble font and screen printed my name onto a tshirt in my size for me and so on for each of the 9 of us. I can vividly remember playing with my brother and our 7 cousins in the summer (these were our Christmas presents that year – remember that Christmas is in the summer in Australia!) with all of us wearing our name tshirts. What a great idea that was! We ranged in age from 4 to 13 and we were happy to be dressed the same as each other and play at our grandparent’s farm. Those name tshirts really stick in my mind. They were so great and they helped to give us a sense of solidarity among us cousins. 

We cousins got along well. We were all quite rough and tumble kids and used to playing outside and regularly getting dirty. We were used to farmyard animals and equipment and we weren’t bothered by the ubiquitous flies that we constantly had to blow away from the corners of our mouths. Flies love cows and there were certainly a lot of cows on my grandparent’s farm because my uncle used it as grazing land for his large dairy herd. We also weren’t bothered by cow poo and we became experts at judging if a cow poo was the right consistency to pick it up and throw at one of our cousins. Have you ever tried doing that? The mistakes are messy but when the consistency is right it’s rewarding! As you can imagine we had good times playing outside with few boundaries. 


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