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Lazy days in Anzio 

My family joked that the woman in this fountain sculpture is me holding our son aloft. If only I was that strong!

Tuesday was the day of Saint Anthony of Padova and so we were unable to visit the archeological museum in Anzio. No signs were up explaining why it was closed but we found some women working on computers at an outdoor desk and one of them told us the museum was closed, that it’s a saint’s day and that it’s Italy. We enjoyed the park instead, our children played at the play ground, my husband did chin ups and I did some yoga practice in the shade of a nice tree. It was an enjoyable way to spend the morning.

We spent the afternoon playing at the small stretch of free public beach that is next to Tirrena private beach and we went again on Wednesday afternoon. It’s nice to be the only foreigners around. In the evening I read more of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire to our children while sipping a Campari Soda at Bar Malaga with a generous array of bar snacks accompanying the drink and pastries for our children and a decaffeinated coffee for my husband. We returned the following evening to repeat the enjoyable experience. It’s our favourite bar in Anzio. We also had a great lunch at their gastronomia. If you aren’t familiar with the concept, it’s when a bar offers multiple dishes of pre-prepared food and the customer requests a portion of 2-3 of the dishes, for example, they will often have a few meat dishes, a few pasta dishes and then at least 6 vegetable dishes. We have eaten at gastronomia in Sicily and Anzio and we love the range of vegetable dishes that are offered. It’s as good as Nonna’s cooking and it’s wholesome and delicious.

This is my favourite sneak peek that I catch in Anzio, the curve of the path, the sculpture up the hill and the green of the grass between the cobblestones charms me.

Wednesday morning we all enjoyed haircuts at the New Look hair dressing salon in Anzio. It was the first hair cut since October in Günzburg, Germany for myself and my daughter. The hairdresser said (in Italian) that I have a lot of hair and it was more a case of sculpting than cutting my hair. I mustn’t go 8 months between cuts again but it’s so expensive in Norway that I had been holding out and arty Easter in Valencia the salons were closed so I simply waited.


Il Gelato di Conforti is very impressive! Their gelati are excellent. We’ve been going every day and sampling different flavours. They make the gelati in the kitchen that is behind the window to the left, in full view of the adoring public. The window has a large round hole cut in it and a message (in Italian) encouraging people to watch and sample the gelato that is being made. We watched them make their amazing dark chocolate fondant and also a New York cheesecake which actually is cheesecake that they make and then freeze. The cheesecake is in the range called pasticceria i cono (pastries in a cone) and they are as you imagine. The cheesecake has biscuit crumbs in it and the tiramisu has savoiardi biscuits in it. The gelato shop deserves it’s excellent reputation. We will definitely continue to return daily.

This evening I enjoyed a stroll on the beach at Anzio at dusk. What a treat!


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