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Anzio – Tirrena beach and the street food markets

Tirrena private beach

My family have left Norway permanently. We have flown to Rome for a final vacation in sun-drenched Italy before they fly to Australian winter and I return to Trondheim to compete my expat assignment before joining my family. Selecting accommodation is never simple but we chose to stay in Anzio, a seaside village only 1 hour by train from Rome and the same by comfortable private shuttle from Fiumicino airport.

View from Tirrena private beach

After a slow start to today we walked down to the Anzio beach. We paid € 22 at Tirrena private beach for the use of the amenities, an umbrella and two sun beds with built in shades. It was money well spent! We were there for over 5 hours and the shade and comfortable seats were welcome and heavily used.

Decrepit but once marvellous Paradiso sul Mare

Our children played for hours digging in the sand beside the waters edge and running in and out of the tepid and calm water. My husband and daughter went foraging and returned with 3 excellent Margherita pizzas for only €12 that we all devoured and relished taking a break from our usual exclusion of wheat.

Front of the decrepit building

We showered and dressed for dinner back at our apartment before heading into Anzio village centre for the street food festival.

Many aspects of the streets of Anzio exhibit neglect. It’s surprising because it’s only 1 hour from Rome and the beaches are lovely but maybe Europeans are less willing to commute to work than Australians. There are a lot of run down looking apartments for sale or rent.

This street food stall excited us. Carciofi Romano (Roman style barbecued artichoke hearts) are amazing and we highly recommend them. Lightly salted, perfectly cooked, soft and delicious. I prefer it to the Palermo method of stuffing the artichoke with bread crumbs and garlic and frying then serving in a tomato sauce (also delicious but perhaps because of the bread crumbs I’ve always found it doesn’t satiate hunger for long). I had my artichoke with a glass of prosecco and tapped my food to the lively brass band that passed by.

Our son had crumbed, fried chicken wings, our daughter had an amazing Calabrese salsiccie (sausage) with pomodoro sechi (sun dried tomatoes). My husband and I finished with half each of two organic focaccias, one filled with sausage, mushroom and a delicious sauce, the other with limousin beef and ajvar sauce. Very yummy food, carnival atmosphere with street performers and surrounded by Italians we didn’t detect any other tourists. Our final stop was a bar where we shared sparkling water while our children had gelato and granita while I had Campari soda with a surprisingly large selection of bar snacks and my husband enjoyed a fruit salad. It was a very good start to our final European summer vacation!


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