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Oslo and Stavanger 

Akershus fortress

On our final day in Oslo we had the option of catching the early train and arriving home in the afternoon or having a slow start to the day and catching the afternoon train and arriving at night. We took the later option because we’ve found that early starts invariably lead to a bad day for our family and to let us have breakfast before the journey and let us see a bit more of Oslo.

Akershus fortress

We enjoyed a final, leisurely breakfast with our friend then headed over to the Akershus fortress. We had warm weather and sunshine and it was relaxing to sit next to the green grass and soak up the sunshine while our children pretended to fire the canons and use their imaginations. Our friend located us using the noise that our son was making and we sat together and chatted about the early 20th century and the changes that have occurred.

View of Oslo fjord towards the ferry terminal

The 6 hours and 45 minutes long train journey was enjoyable for me because our children were engrossed in their books, the other passengers were quiet and the views were beautiful. My husband and I watched a Norwegian film and by reading the Norwegian subtitles we were able to understand it. It’s nice to know that our language abilities have improved but it’s a shame that we are leaving! When we reached Dovrefjell I gazed with pleasure and the lovely views.

Stavanger – outside the oil museum

We walked home from Trondheim railway station and we had our tired children in bed by 10pm. I hastily packed for my day trip the next day to Stavanger for work and was up at 5am for my airport taxi.

This tower in Stavanger was used to watch for fires

After finishing work for the day I wandered around the old town of Stavanger. It’s interesting that now that I’m leaving Norway I’ve had my first glimpses of the important Norwegian cities of Oslo, Bergen and Stavanger. All 3 of those cities feel bigger and more cosmopolitan than Trondheim but I prefer Trondheim!

Fargegaten, Stavanger

I saw an olive oil emporium in Stavanger old town and realised that oil wealth can bring something like that to even a small city if there are enough well-paid foreigners. I went into the book café in Fargegaten and enjoyed a hot chocolate in the warmth of the café.


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