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Day 3 in Oslo


View of Oslo harbour from the Opera House roof

Our 3rd day in Oslo started in a relaxing way with a leisurely and satisfying breakfast at the hotel.  We eventually set off for a day of exploring around the harbour.


Opera House roof

We started at the Opera House where we walked around on the marble roof, enjoying the views of Oslo Harbour and the novelty of being on the roof. There were some other tourists but it wasn’t crowded. Mercifully it was cloudy which meant that there wasn’t much glare. I should have taken my sunglasses with me but I’m used to such weather in Trondheim that I don’t wear them!


 Akershus fortress 

We headed for the fortress but didn’t enter because of the medieval festival that was run in the fortress that day. Instead we sat on the grass outside and had a snack and enjoyed the sensation of sitting on grass after a long winter.

Sculpture opposite the akershus fortress. I wasn’t able to interpret the symbolism. I wondered if the woman symbolises Norway and the man represents the Norwegian people.

We walked along the fjord side towards the ferry terminal and took refuge in Kaffebrenneriet, with the advantage of great coffee, toilets and warmth.

Oslo fjord on the way to the ferry terminal

Street Food vendors at the Oslo ferry terminal

We caught a ferry over to the lovely suburb of Brygdøy. It reminded me of the northern side of Sydney harbour.


We meandered through the manor house gardens and enjoyed the tranquility in the huge reserve while our children pottered around in the forest.

View back towards Brygdøy from the board walk

We agreed on eating at a lovely Italian restaurant (Villa Paradiso) next to the bakery in Frogner, near the town hall, where we bought our dinner the night before and we set off to walk there before toilet needs became too strong.

Barnacle Geese at Brygdøy

We had a great dinner and it was a lovely way to end a nice day.


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