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Train from Bergen to Oslo 

The first 3 hours of the train ride from Bergen to Oslo feature spectacular scenery

The next step in our little tour in Norway was to catch the train from Bergen to Oslo (toget fra Bergen til Oslo). We selected the morning train (07:57) so that we would have the afternoon in Oslo. The train takes 6 1/2 hours and the first 3 hours features spectacular scenery so be prepared to nap in the second half of the trip and not the first!

Another spectacular fjord heading east from Bergen

We booked a row of 4 seats so that we had views on both sides of the train and to provide a bit of space between our children (8 & 10 years) who, if they are in close proximity to one another, become loud and physical and end up fighting and dobbing on one another. All of that happened anyway but we tried to give the rest of the carriage a chance of harmony!

A little waterfall caught my eye across this fjord

We had hoped that our children would read their books or do activities in silence but they both became nauseated by the motion of the train within 30 minutes of departure so it was a longggggggg journey for us. Fortunately we at least had packed headphones and our 10 year old daughter finally stopped complaining once she was listening to music. I envy families that can travel in quiet harmony and enjoy the view.

The train climbed to this mountain pass and we had brief glimpses when we weren’t in tunnels of amazing scenery

There are a lot of tunnels along the first half of the route and many of us made a mad dash to try to capture a photo of the beautiful scenery whenever we popped out of a tunnel.

The lakes in the high country still have some ice on them

The seats are comfortable in the economy class carriage, the racks above the seats can fit cases that are larger than airline carry-on luggage, and there is a café carriage where one can buy food and drinks and dine in our take it back to their seats.

The ticket inspector was courteous and I heard him speaking in English with other passengers. I bought our tickets with the NSB app and he showed me how to activate the tickets.

On the other side of the mountains the snow is gone, spring has fully arrived and it was very warm and sunny.

It is a beautiful train ride and I recommend it, especially if you are travelling without children! Have you taken a beautiful train ride somewhere in the world? I’d love to hear about it.

If you would like to read about our trip from Trondheim to Bergen and about Bergen itself here are the links.


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