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Street art in Bergen and reflections on Norway 

Our experience of Norway for the past 21 months of living in Trondheim has been narrow. I’ve driven to Kristiansund and Dombås, past Dovrefjell and Snøhetta, I’ve hiked part of the Pilgrim’s path. We’ve stayed at our friend’s farm near Verdal and been to the Vømmøl festival. We’ve driven to Östersund in Sweden and climbed at Rypetoppen and I’ve taken a work trip to Stavanger but mostly we’ve walked a lot in and around Trondheim. We’ve taken more trips outside of Norway than inside.

? Who is this guy, what does he represent and what happened to his mouth?

So, before we leave Norway we spent a lot of money on me catching the Hurtigruten from Trondheim to Bergen and my family flying there then the scenic train to Oslo.

I don’t understand. This guy looks vaguely familiar. I can’t figure out what the poem means nor the symbolism

Is that a balloon or chewing gum? What does it signify that the earth is popping?  Does the girl represent China and a silent menace to the earth and humanity to do with population pressure, environmental damage, expansionist policies?

Bergen is very different to Trondheim. It is much bigger. It has far more tourists and a very different feel to Trondheim in terms of quiet and simplicity and very safe (Trondheim) and a bit louder and restless in Bergen, perhaps because of the tourists as much as the commerce that comes with a bigger city. Bergen is beautiful and must offer opportunities that aren’t available in Trondheim but I prefer tranquil Trondheim.

This appears to be a conspiracy theory stencil?

We saw a little bit of street art in Bergen. We stopped and discussed the imagery, symbolism and artistic techniques.

My son loved this huge mural and insisted that I take a photo. He stood and inspected and talked about the imagery for at least 5 minutes. I love that art can capture his attention like that and street art is the most accessible genre 


3 comments on “Street art in Bergen and reflections on Norway 

  1. A.K. Maleeke
    May 28, 2017

    Street Art is accessible to all ages. Also, you photos tell a lot about this city. NYC has a lot of street art too, some is being removed due to gentrification but I plan on taking photos of it as well (before it’s too late). Thanks for sharing!

    • strivetoengage
      May 29, 2017

      Marhaba! Yes, I imagine that NYC would have a vibrant street art life. Good luck with creating your street art gallery!

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