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Hurtigruten from Trondheim to Bergen 

Farewell Trondheim aboard the Hurtigruten

I’ve lived in Trondheim for almost 2 years on an expat assignment from Australia. In that time I’ve made many trips in Europe with my family and we’ve thoroughly walked throughout Trondheim but we’ve seen very little of Norway.

Farming beside the Trondheim fjord

We will be leaving Norway this summer and when a friend decided to visit us from England I booked a trip for us to see a bit of Norway.

Norwegian fjords are beautiful

I booked a single cabin on the Hurtigruten Richard With for the overnight journey to Bergen. My family didn’t risk sea sickness and flew to Bergen to meet me there.

We made the most of the sunshine on our first day by sitting on the rear deck

I boarded Trondheim at 10am. I soaked up the sun and enjoyed the views of the Trondheim fjord and had a picnic lunch on the deck. At Kristiansund I disembarked and bought groceries for lunch the next day and more drinking water rather than pay the ship prices (which were reasonable but I took the opportunity to avoid it). 30 minutes after we docked we left again.

Approaching Kristiansund

I presume that this boat collects fish from fishing boats and carries the catch back in refrigerated storage to Kristiansund

Another ohhhh isn’t that beautiful moment on the Hurtigruten

I was assigned a table at the 20:30 dinner sitting and for 460 NOK I had a nice 3 course meal of smoked fish with horseradish mashed potatoes then pork with raw red cabbage and small potatoes then cheesecake with strawberry coulis for dessert. The house wine was 95 NOK per glass which is typical pricing for Trondheim.

Sunset as we left Molde

We docked in Molde while I was eating dinner which meant that I was unable to visit that town. After dinner my friend and I went up to the glass enclosed front of the ship and sat in comfortable seats watching the sun set over the Molde fjord.

View from my breakfast table

I slept quite well thanks for the quiet consideration of my neighbours and the ship crew and the calm sea.

Many islands, like this one, have houses in every tiny space that isn’t too rocky

The next morning we had almost total cloud cover. After a buffet breakfast I enjoyed listening to music by Norwegian composers while enjoying the view from the top level behind glass. As we approached Bergen a gap appeared in the clouds and I could enjoy the sight of the houses perched between the fjord and the mountains with what must be marvellous views.

A first glimpse of Bergen

In my next post I’ll show you Bergen in the sunshine! I loved my journey on the Hurtigruten. The staff were courteous, the other travellers were considerate, the views were spectacular, the sea was calm, my cabin was comfortable, and there was plenty of seating to enjoy the view.


3 comments on “Hurtigruten from Trondheim to Bergen 

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  2. Jules & Verne
    August 24, 2017

    That sure sounds like more fun than flying! Are the prices comparable? -Verne

    • strivetoengage
      August 25, 2017

      That’s a good question. My voyage with a private cabin and dinner (breakfast is included) cost about four times as much as my husband’s flight from Trondheim to Bergen. I found it wonderfully relaxing aboard the ship with the changing vistas. I would have found it far less relaxing if my children were on the ship with me!

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