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A glimpse of Frankfurt

It looks like this building in Sachsenhausen survived the Allied bombings in WWII

I am currently studying towards a professional accreditation in project management, in the hope of becoming more employable when my expat assignment comes to an end. I travelled to Frankfurt last week to attend a project management course.

Colourful buildings in Sachsenhausen

This area was full of bars with combined seating for hundreds of people in Sachsenhausen

I added one day to my trip and did some relaxing and sightseeing.


Frankfurt across the Main River: the old and the new

I stayed in Sachsenhausen and walked into the city via the river side parks.

I like this concept. The southern bank of the river is lined with parks that are for sunbathing. No dogs, no sports, no barbecues; just relaxing and soaking up the sun when it comes

On the northern side of the river is a garden planted with Mediterranean plants. I read the notice boards and realised that some of the public gardens that I enjoy so much in Europe were originally private and have been donated to the public. I also pondered the importance of green, public spaces across the centuries and how farsighted it is to preserve these spaces for everyone to enjoy forever more

A small part of the old town was rebuilt after the destruction during WWII

It was so cold that one woman cyclist who stopped to put on a beanie under her helmet beside the river looked at me and exclaimed (in German) about how cold it was.

The Römer ( town square in the old town) has been rebuilt. If you have never been to a European old town this may be of interest however I was not impressed by the choice of materials used in the restoration. I think that if you are looking for an impressive old town then Wrocław is for you!

Museums are closed on Monday so I didn’t have the option of spending the day indoors. I took refuge from the cold in the church on the Römer. An attendant spent over half an hour telling me the history of the church and it was pleasant to sit in the warmth and learn about the history of Frankfurt.

The cathedral survived the Allied bombings with not very substantial damage. It is an elegant cathedral

Inside the cathedral

This lovely door is in a chapel inside the cathedral

I spent 2 hours over a delicious lunch of salad, pasta and a glass of wine in the Italian restaurant beside the cathedral.

I bought some tasty bits and pieces for my dinner in the kleinmarkthall

The pedestrian mall was lively with buskers and tourists

At 3pm I remembered a sign I had seen at Harmonie cinema in Sachsenhausen for a film in English starting in 20 minutes. I walked there as far as I could, arrived 5 minutes late, bought a ticket to the wrong film, realised and exchanged the ticket (in German) for the film The Denier and entered the cinema just as the opening credits started. It was a very pleasant way too finish the day; relaxing with a film. 

I enjoyed my time in Frankfurt but I don’t recommend it as a tourist destination


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