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Various photos of Valencia, Spain 

Flower bridge across the river park that wraps around the old town of Valencia

Quart tower (Torres) into Valencia old town. Note the cannon ball holes from the French attack in 1808

The park that wraps around the old town and covers the river is lovely. We went to it nearly every day in our 10 stay in Valencia old town. It is popular with locals who use it for exercise and relaxation. On this day we had a picnic here in the sunshine on soft green grass with not a flake of snow in sight (unlike our home in Trondheim, Norway!)

Eglésia dels Sant Joans beside the Mercado Central in Valencia old town

Our favourite coffee bar in Valencia old town called El Café de Camilo. For €1.50 we had an espresso coffee with a jug of steamed milk, a small croissant and a dark chocolate. The espresso roast coffee, freshly ground is only €2.70 for 250g of decaffeinated coffee and because that’s difficult and expensive to buy in Trondheim we bought 750g.

Torres Serrano

The grills around the lights make a nice pattern

View across the park outside the old town from Torres Serrano

On top of Torres Serrano

Looking towards the old town of Valencia from Torres Serrano. We paid €6 for the 4 of us (2 adults and 2 children) to walk up the towers

Valencia beach looking towards the port

Perfect Valencia beach

La Estrecha, the narrowest building in Europe and part of my favourite bar in Valencia old town

My favourite bar called Tasquita la Estrecha

I enjoyed quiet evenings sipping Agua de Valencia (orange juice, cava, vodka and gin), watching the busy and efficient bar staff, watching the people in the plaza and bar or reading my book

Tranquil botanic gardens of Valencia. We paid €8 for 2 adults and 2 children and we spent a couple of hours relaxing and enjoying the plants and cats in the gardens. I liked watching the Valencian retirees who were dressed up to stroll in the gardens

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