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San Nicolás Procesión del Santo Entierro, Valencia, Spain 

It’s Good Friday and we are staying in the old town of Valencia, Spain for the school holidays. This evening my daughter and I arrived a few minutes early and stood on the edge of a narrow street with a very good view of the street. We saw 3 police with riot gear, police vehicles and police escorts who were very alert. We stood among Spaniards and some tourists. The parade was led by 2 drummers who set the beat then 3 musicians playing the dolçaina, a small double-reed woodwind instrument from Valéncia, in the oboe family. The music was beautiful and I would have liked to stay with them through the whole procession to enjoy it.

Drummers and dolçaina players

Next came a small group of solemn people

Then solemn women in black, some of whom wore medallions

Next came presumably senior police officers

And here is the statue of Jesus

I loved the smell of the frankincense that wafted along. It really was wonderful to listen to the music and smell the frankincense

This sculpture of Christ dates from the 18th century CE

According to this newspaper article, the solemn procession on Good Friday first started in the old town of Valencia in the 14th century. Apparently the tradition stopped in the 20th century and now little by little the community is trying to restore traditions to the neighbourhood.

The marching band at the end was great to listen to.

We both enjoyed observing the procession, especially the music. We had a fantastic spot at the very edge of the curb and it was nice to feel the positive energy in the old town afterwards as hundreds or possibly thousands of people filled the lane ways, bars and plazas.

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