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Street art in central old town, Valencia, Spain 

This morning our favourite, hole-in-the-wall coffee bar was closed! It’s a public holiday today for Easter week but we didn’t expect the coffee bar to close. We wandered into the northern part of the centre of the old town and found even more street art (north of Plaza Negrito and onto Calle de Valldigna). I’ve included photos taken on my Samsung phone of my favourites. I engaged my children and they now call me over when they spot a nice piece or when the spy the character that is seen all over the old town, who to them appears to be a ninja and to me looks like a scooter rider. What do you think?

Ninja? Moped rider?

It took us a while to realise that she’s drawing her right arm on

Is this the terminator?

El Carmen is mentioned in many parts of this neighbourhood but I’m not sure why

Scary! We watched a rat running along a lane way looking for a hole to run into. We discussed whether having a rat as a pet would be good and it reminded us of the dear guinea pigs that we left with friends in Australia when we moved to Norway on our expat assignment

This fellow fits nicely in narrow spaces

Are these books?

Who is this?

This is the neighbourhood! 

I wonder how the residents feel about the street art?

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