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Valencia old town and more street art

View from the church bell tower. I started the day with a quick and enjoyable trip to the Mercado Central to buy an incredibly tasty and enormous local Valencia tomato, a massive, ripe and sweet red capsicum, 2 avocados and 4 carrots. I asked the vendors to choose for me so that the produce would be ready to eat and I also bought a huge slice of delicious, warm potato and onion tortilla for only 2€. Now that I’m living in Norway and using Norwegian language daily it’s been a bit difficult for me to speak in Spanish but it’s rushing back to me and the people of Valencia have been patient with me. 

This is the view from the church bell tower of the plaza redonda that has the lace shops that I showed yesterday. The stairs in the tower are in very good condition and there is a handrail the whole way up. It’s cheap to enter the tower and it’s worth the view. By the time that I reached the top I was in tears with fear. It looks like I am developing a fear of heights. I became first aware of how bad it’s getting last winter when trying to drive over mountain passes in Lombardy, Italy

This painting is on the wall of the basilica. There was a very old priest in purple robes saying mass to a full house in the basilica. It has beautiful frescos on the ceiling

View of the rear of the Iglesia San Juan del Hospital. We stood and watched women from the Valencia football team doing a photo shoot here. Interestingly, the player juggled the ball before booting it at the basilica while being photographed and during the mass and nobody seemed to find that odd

The archeological museum in Valencia only costs 2€ for an adult to enter and half price for children. It features the excavated footings of the centre of the 2nd C BCE Roman town Valentia and has screens showing reconstructions of the buildings

Look at all of those oranges!

I recently came to the realisation that doors can be an expression of wealth and status or conformity or individualism

We wandered around despondently looking for a nice place to eat lunch that takes care to prepare decent food instead of microwave reheating frozen meals for tourists. That is a huge challenge in old towns! In the end we returned to the trusty bakery in our street where our children enjoy the food.

The photo isn’t centred but the column beside the door is lovely so I didn’t crop it out

After lunch we caught bus 32 to the beach and had a wonderful time feeling the delicious warmth of the sun. We deliberately went after the peak of UV to avoid sunburn. We didn’t wear any sun protection because we haven’t seen the sun since last summer in Sicily and we need the vitamin D. I’m sunburnt but it was worth it. Our children had fun playing with sand and jumping over the tiny waves. It is a good beach. It’s very long and wide, the sand grains are small and the sea is gentle and not cold.

Another in my series of doors of Valencia

Is she paella?

I wonder if this hairdresser commissioned this beautiful piece as a mural?

I wish that nobody had pasted notices on this talented piece of street art

Was this commissioned? It’s incredible. Lovers of street art; Valencia old town does not disappoint! 

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