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Lovely Lausanne 

This busker was playing the traditional musical instrument called Alpo (sp?) that was used in the Alps to communicate between farms

Winter school holidays are here again and this year we are skiing in Switzerland. Friends kindly invited us to stay at their chalet and we jumped at the chance to stay with a Swiss family. Don’t think though that we are a skiing family. We aren’t. We are Australians with rudimentary abilities to get down the slopes. Our Swiss friends appear to have been born on skis!

Nice view up the market stairs towards the cathedral. In early times the market place was next to the cathedral and these stairs led up to it

We flew with KLM from Trondheim via Amsterdam to Geneva. We enjoyed using the public buses in Geneva for free with a pass first from the airport and then another from the hotel. We were tired from the 3:30 am start so we watched a movie at the cinema opposite our hotel and had am early night.

This fountain is outside the 17th century town hall and signifies justice. The clock in the background shows a moving display each hour

The next day we caught the train to Lausanne and met our friends before doing a walking tour. Here are some photos. It was so beautiful in the sunshine!

Lausanne has 2 streams that run through it. Bridges cross the streams and the deep gullies have been filled in to make it easier to move around the town. The lower set of arches has also been buried and the Metro also parse passes underground.

This beautiful church for the monastery of Francis of Assisi was converted to a protestant church when the Bernese protestants conquered Lausanne

The stained glass windows are beautiful in the church in the former monastery

What a cool mural!

View of the rooftops of Lausanne

The Cathedral of Lausanne was built on one of the 3 hills to protect it from attack. The cathedral is not technically a cathedral any longer because it was converted to protestant faith by the Bernese but it is still called a cathedral

View of the older town from the cathedral. It’s quite a steep town

The rose window in the Lausanne cathedral is worth reflecting upon. It gives the world view of years people of that time. Have a look at it and you will see the 4 elements, the 12 zodiac symbols, the monsters on the edge of the world, the 4 rivers of the old testament etc

The Metro station at the lakeside has an interesting representation of the summer Olympic opening ceremony on the roof

It’s lovely at the lakeside. It felt like the Mediterranean because of the number of people enjoying the public space

Look at those beautiful snow capped mountains in the background


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