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Tourists In Trondheim -Ferry to Vanvikan 

We had a beautiful week with a high pressure system sitting over Trondheim that brought blue skies, sunshine and temperatures below 0C, so the water at Solsiden froze

During my nephew’s week staying with us we had the opportunity to be tourists in our new home of Trondheim, Norway.

Vanvikan from the ferry

For the first time we caught the ferry across the fjord to visit the village of Vanvikan, which we look at whenever we gaze across the fjord.

The hurtibåten (fast boat) ferry from Trondheim to Vanvikan

The ferry wasn’t cheap at 208 NOK per adult and no cheaper for student tickets, so the day trip cost my husband and I over $100 AUD but it was so wonderful to have a day in the sunshine. I recommend it to anyone who is sick of being in the shade in Trondheim!

The church at Vanvikan

From the ferry terminal in Vanvikan we walked along the fjord-side, enjoying the sound of the swell on the pebbles and the feel of the sun on our faces.

Vanvikan has more hours of sunshine on clear winter days than Trondheim because of the mountains behind Trondheim

View towards Vanvikan

We walked for half of the time available to us before needing to return to pick up our children from school then we turned around and walked back. We walked along the side of the road and whenever possible we stayed behind the protection of the roadside metal guard fence.

Many of the letter boxes near Vanvikan have cute pictures stuck to them.

Don’t let the sunshine trick you into thinking that it’s not cold!

We enjoyed looking at this farmhouse and decided that we would try walking down to the pebbly beach beside the fjord here

We enjoyed looking at the different coloured rocks on the pebbly beach and listening to the susurration of the water against the pebbles

These mossy rocks beside the road were beautiful and reminded me of a Japanese garden

View of Trondheim from the fjord

It was a nice day trip that we all enjoyed.


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