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Tourists in Trondheim – Tram to Lian


An unusually misty morning in Trondheim. Looking across Festningparken towards the fortress as the sun rises

During the 1 week that my 23 year old nephew stayed with us in Trondheim we enjoyed being tourists in our new hometown.


The warehouses on the banks of the Nid River are a popular subject of photographs among tourists and locals alike. I enjoyed watching the mist rise along with the dawn.


If you have been to my blog before you will know that I am a fan of street art. How cool is the graffiti grandma stencil? This beauty is in Bakklandet, nearby to a cool stencil of Chairman Mao that I must go back and photograph.

We caught the tram from the park in Ila up to Lian and we enjoyed looking down upon Trondheim as the tram went up the hill.


 Lian looks different in the winter! 


Some people who live on the other side of the lake have been taking a shortcut across the frozen surface of the lake but I’ve seen too many movies with characters that fall through the ice so we only took a tentative few steps onto the ice and then straight back to solid ground again


When we got off the tram there was an unexpected patch of sunshine. I was so excited by this rare treat that I stood with open palms towards the sun not daring to take a step in case the clouds returned, which they did after 2 glorious minutes


Doesn’t this look like a nice place to live!


It was nice to walk through the forest beside the lake and look at everything through fresh eyes with my nephew


I would like to know what animal made these tracks on the snow covering the ice on the surface of the lake


The blueberry bushes that we feasted upon in the summer look similar in the winter, just with very few leaves and only a few shriveled old blueberries


It’s views like this that are the hidden treats on any hike around Trondheim 

After walking around the lake we wandered up the path leading towards Skistua and found a precious patch of sunshine. We walked up to the café above the tram stop and were disappointed that it was closed. Instead we looked around the nearby outdoor area that has quizzes about local wild food. I tried my best to translate the questions and we performed poorly because of the gaps in not only my Norwegian language but also knowledge of local wild food.


This insect hotel is cute


This is the view from beside the café

It was an enjoyable experience to catch the tram to Lian in the winter but it is better on a warm summer day!


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