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Wintertime Reflections from Trondheim 

The warehouses on the banks of the Nidelven (Nid River) are not all in good condition but they are picturesque. I love this photograph and I think it’s the best that I’ve taken. It was on Christmas Eve 2016, taken on Gamle bybro. I was in the gym and I saw sunlight for the first time in over 1 month. I hurried to finish my training and rushed outside to expose my face and hands to the sun.

This is a mild winter and we all in Trondheim wish for something colder and more snow! Mild winter at this latitude means temperatures hover around zero which leads to the perpetual cycle of snow falls then melts then freezes to form sheets of slippery ice on the footpaths.

We took advantage of one of the few snowy days to go tobogganing with a view of the fjord

The low oil price means that people have been made redundant across my industry, including my own company. My job seems to be safe for now but friends around the world are seeking new opportunities now. I had expected it would have a bigger impact on Trondheim but most people are largely unaffected.

Street art in Svartlamon. The dog reminded me of Tin Tin’s dog Snowy. I like the use of the Disney font to write Disobey. Svartlamon is a bit anarchic and there are squatters that live there. They also have a free shop. I enjoy walking through there observing the art and creativity.

Earlier in the winter I went through patches of no motivation to write emails to my friends or on here. I also lacked motivation at work. I think it’s associated with the darkness and the job uncertainty. A high pressure system is sitting over us now and we have daylight galore, we haven’t had clear skies since October!

Light show on the Fortress (Kristiansten festning)

My 23 year old nephew studies law in Australia and is in his final year. He went to Maastricht for an intensive course on International Environmental Law. It was an eye-opening experience for him to leave Australia for the first time and spend a month living away from his family of 9. I invited him to visit us and I was able to use frequent flyer points to fly him here. He was here for 9 days and left on Sunday. It’s interesting because we don’t really know each other. He reminds me of myself in some ways but he was homesick whereas I was rejoicing at living away from home at 23!

View towards Nidarosdomen ( cathedral ) one winter afternoon

It’s been pleasant spending time together and exploring the town. When we moved here from Canberra we had many reasons things to take care of and we have never been tourists in Trondheim. In the past year we’ve had 3 lots of visitors and they have given us motivation to see more of the town and get to know more of its history. With my nephew we visited the telecommunications tower (tårnet), we caught the tram to Lian, we caught the ferry to cross the fjord to Vanvikan, we went to the Museum of Natural History, an experimental music concert, a performance by the symphony orchestra, a håndball match, and more. Trondheim has a lot to offer that is free or inexpensive.

This sculpture celebrates 100 years of the local university (NTNU)

I’m really glad that I joined my local choir and I love being inside a Norwegian group. Norwegians tend to belong to several groups where they share a common goal or interest. That’s their main way to socialize. Without joining such groups it’s practically impossible to break in. None of the choir members have invited me to do anything with them outside of choir yet but more of them speak to me now than at the beginning. They put up with my basic Norwegian and have accepted and welcomed me. On the weekend we performed. I love singing! I took a risk and joined the 3 treble sopranos and our voices soar together over the others. I love the sound of the baritone, tenor, alto and sopranos in harmony. 90 minutes was too long for our kids and my husband was frazzled afterwards. We were then invited into the community hall for coffee and cake. We went along not realizing there would be over an hour of speeches! Finally one of the other treble sopranos reached over and told me it would be acceptable for us to leave whenever we need to. We left just as a man started his speech. I felt rude but also released from confinement.

This is the other side of the sculpture. It’s next to the sewage treatment plant on the fjord side in Lade

Picturesque Trondheim


2 comments on “Wintertime Reflections from Trondheim 

  1. Expat Panda
    February 8, 2017

    Love your pics especially the street art (Tin Tin’s dog’s name is Snowy which is ironic considering the weather you’re having!).

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