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Ode to autumn in Trondheim 

I hoped that this photo would be good and it’s actually better than I hoped. I took this on Ladestien near Rotvoll

We are an Australian family living in Trondheim, Norway for my work. We’ve been here for 15 months and we love it. October this year was spectacular in Trondheim with clear skies and a wonderful golden light on the beautiful autumn leaves. It’s amazing what a difference sunlight and no rain makes to the beauty of a place. I found myself stopping to take photos even though we’ve been through an entire cycle of the seasons already, simply because it seemed wrong not to try to capture the beauty in a photograph. Also, to be honest, I often view the world in terms of capturing photos to post on this blog.

Friday walking with my husband is so much more comfortable when the ground is not ankle deep with mud or slippery with ice. I took this photo just metres from the previous photo on Ladestien near Rotvoll

It’s been an amazing year and 1/4 with 4 seasons like we’ve never before experienced. There was ice on the ground for 6 months and we learnt a different way to walk. There was almost no sunshine for 3 months and we learnt to grab every photon we could, gone the Australian reluctance to expose skin to sun and risk skin cancer. The spring was short and cool but spectacular in its intensity with the return of migratory birds and the awakening of the dormant plants with a burst of colourful flowers and leaves once the ice finally melted. Summer was short and cool but oh so beautiful when the sun shone and we found that even 15C is plenty warm enough for sunbathing. Autumn was short and cold, seldom rising above 10C and gorgeous with the autumn leaves and golden light. And now I’m sad to say that already with the start of November winter has gripped us in its icy claws and we have already retrieved our winter boots, snow jackets, pants, beanies (lue), neck warmers (buff) and gloves. I must admit that I’m not excited about the darkness or cold. In the last 2 weeks the temperature hasn’t risen above 0C and we need to mourn the end of outdoor living for another 6 months.


Sponhuset on Ladestien for waffles and terrible coffee

But on the positive side, Norway does kuselig (cosy) really well, like the cute café in the photo above that’s in an old wooden house on the edge of the fjord. They serve terrible and expensive coffee but it’s warm coffee and it’s a kuselig place to take respite from the weather.

I didn’t share these photos back in September but here they are: chantarelle mushrooms are not only gorgeous to look at but delicious

We picked about 6L of chantarelle mushrooms in forest past Verdal

Such beauty. Worth the hours that I stood at the sink to clean them

We are fortunate to have had many wonderful experiences since moving to Norway like our first time as a family ice skating, cross country skiing, down hill skiing, dog sledding, picking wild berries, picking chantarelle mushrooms and learning Norwegian. We’ve all made friends that we will cherish. It’s never easy to rip yourself out of your home country and culture but easy can be boring as well as comfortable, so no regrets!

Norwegian forest continues to delight me and our Friday hikes are the highlight of our weeks

So, farewell autumn and bring on winter fun!

Cool new street art in Svartlamon. I walk through Svartlamon about one a week and in the summer I twice walked around the back and enjoyed peaking into the grungy squats where people living on the fringe get by. I like it there. It’s vibrant and essential.


3 comments on “Ode to autumn in Trondheim 

  1. trisinapalamara
    November 11, 2016

    Like as always, what a beautiful photos. You know how to capture the essence of Norway in every different season.

    • strivetoengage
      November 11, 2016

      Thank you! I’m so glad that you enjoy looking at my photos 😊

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