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Autumn in Bavaria – Bamberg to Berlin

So many wind turbines in Bavaria!

We had a wonderful 11 days in Germany for høstferie. We focused on child friendly activities so that our 7 and 9 year old children would have a good holiday to remember.

But not all Germans like the wind turbines. In Australia we call this NIMBY = Not In My Back Yard.

After a surprisingly good day in sleepy Viereth Trunstadt, we hit the road all the way back to Berlin along the autobahns.

I wasn’t very mature when I said while driving past this church in Bamberg that it looks like a big penis. It did cause some giggles in the back seat but I need to be more mature in future.

We drove the 10km to Bamberg, expecting a small town but instead finding a city with shipping along the Main/Danube river canals. We got a bit lost and backtracked until we found a nice park.

Trying to get to Bamberg old town we drove down a dead end cloister alley and I paused to photograph the beautiful cloister door before reversing back down the narrow alley

We loved Erber Park in Bamberg. It has a great café and right next to the great café is a fantastic and huge play ground.

Finally some black forest cherry cake!

It’s surprising how few of the cities and towns we visit offer a nice café on the edge of a play ground. Usually we have to stamp our feet in the cold while our children play, but not in Erber Park in Bamberg!

Amazing adventure play ground in Bamberg

We sat at Café Zuckerl and had coffees with our only black forest cake of the trip and then a second coffee because it’s so cheap in Germany and we were all enjoying ourselves. Our daughter had thick warm waffles with fresh fruit and saved some for her brother who was in disgrace for some reason or other and happily played while we grazed.

Waffle at Café Zuckerl

We headed back onto the autobahn to eat into the kilometres back to Berlin.

Saaleturm viewing tower to view Burgk castle

We stopped at a roadside customs (zoll) house restaurant in Burgk for lunch off their October menu.

Kurbisszuppe (pumpkin soup)

We can’t buy pumpkins in Trondheim except at Halloween so we order pumpkin dishes whenever we see them for offer on our travels.

Weiß wurst (white sausages) with butter filled bretzel

We ordered the white sausages with butter filled bretzels hoping that the sausages would be yummy and that bretzels were pretzels. The former was not true but the latter was. It turns out the white sausages are filled with veal. We don’t eat veal because it is hugely unethical but once confronted with 4 veal sausages we ate them. The pretzel was quite nice once we squeezed out most of the butter.

Schloß Burgk (castle)

We didn’t enjoy the meal but at least we tried something local and seasonal. At the saaleturm viewing tower to see Burgk castle we only had 3€ so I walked around craning to see the lake while my family paid and climbed the stairs to see the castle.

Lake at Burgk

We finally arrived in Berlin after dark and we had a quick dinner at a Serbian restaurant before staying at an airport hotel and flying home early the next day.

It was a great trip and we look forward to returning to Germany.


2 comments on “Autumn in Bavaria – Bamberg to Berlin

  1. Roselinde
    October 24, 2016

    That black forest cherry cake looks heavenly!

    • strivetoengage
      October 24, 2016

      Thanks for dropping in to this post and yes it tasted great too! They had made a type of firm jelly with cherries and it was a little bit tart which was a great contrast to the sweet chocolate cake and cream

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