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Autumn in Bavaria – Oktoberfest 

As we walked down into the next valley from the forest, we noticed a sign for a presentation of bock beer at the brewery we were walking past. It would have been wrong to leave Bavaria without trying a single beer so in we went.


The Weiherer brewery makes a lot of different types of beers and wins many awards for its smoke beer (rauchbier) so that’s what I started with and it was very nice.

The brewery is set on a farm with play equipment for children and pens of farmyard animals with vending machines selling grains so that visitors can feed the animals. Our children were delighted with the farm and it rated in their top 5 experiences for the trip. They also picked up fallen fruit in the orchard and fed those to the grateful horses.

I love the autumn displays in Bavaria outside shops and restaurants. This farm gate shop sold produce and preserved products that were appealing but we didn’t buy any

The cheese platter was a generous size and extremely cheap.

The 3 beers that I tried were all fresh and nice. They were also very inexpensive at €2.20 per 500mL stein and only €1 for a takeaway 500mL pilsner in a nice glass bottle.

This wasp was enjoying the fallen fruit in the orchard too

As we enjoyed the afternoon at the farm/brewery more and more people arrived on bicycles or in buses. The inside bar area filled up with cheerful people chatting or playing German card games. Others stayed outside to enjoy the mild weather.

It was a very enjoyable end to a very enjoyable day that we didn’t plan. We just knew that we wanted to spend the day in or around the forest.


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