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Autumn in Bavaria – Sleepy Viereth Trunstadt

Bavarian autumn wildflowers are lovely

From Rothenberg ob der Tauber we continued along the romantic road and stayed in a huge house in Viereth Trunstadt, near Bamberg.

Locks on the Main river in Viereth Trunstadt

The village is sleepy and not very attractive but we were staying in a new development with massive houses. Interestingly there are paved paths between nearly every house in the new development so it’s very easy for pedestrians to move around without walking on the road. The paths all have signs saying that they are not cleared in the winter. This made us chuckle because we live 6 months of the year with ice covering the ground in Trondheim and most paths are never cleared or worse are covered with plowed snow but there certainly aren’t any signs informing pedestrians.

Viereth Trunstadt is not beautiful but it is tranquil

We enjoyed popping open these miniature snapdragons on the edge of the field

We enjoyed walking around the village, looking at the Main river, the church, playing in the playground and reading headstones in the cemetery.

Bavarian churches have an interesting variety of styles

My husband and son visited the ground floor of a house on the main street that has been converted into a large and charming hairdressing salon. With limited language and signs they received hair cuts that pleased them for a total of only 16€.

Compared to Trondheim, Norway, autumn is much slower in progressing and this caterpillar would be toast at home now that there’s frost on the ground all day long

Despite the reformation, religious symbols continue to dominate Bavaria. This is from the 18th century.

After a delicious lunch at our house we headed into the forest for some shinrin yoku.

Brassicas not yet in head

This Pieta is dated 1437 and shows Mary and John under the cross. It may be the last station of a ‘kreuzweg’ (stations of the cross).

A mill ‘honmul’ stood here until 1947 and it was first mentioned in 1380.

You can read about some of our other adventures in Germany in autumn herehere, here, here and here.

Many thanks for the reader ‘Zyriacus’ who helped me to improve the post.


4 comments on “Autumn in Bavaria – Sleepy Viereth Trunstadt

  1. Zyriacus
    October 17, 2016

    The “Honmul” stood there *until* 1947. It was first mentioned in 1380. The Pieta above is dated 1437 and shows Mary and John under the cross. It may be the last station of a “Kreuzweg” which represents the way of Christ from the House of Pilatus to the hill of Golgatha in several statues. Processions were held along this way. The column (in the picture below the caterpillar) presumably remembers a murder that had happened there. It is from 17..something.

    • strivetoengage
      October 18, 2016

      Vielen dank! I miss so much with my school girl German! Have you been to Viereth Trunstadt? I’m going to update the post now to reflect your excellent insights.

      • Zyriacus
        October 18, 2016

        Not so often. But I grew up in Bamberg, so I know a lot about the local signs of piety. And your “school-girl-German” seems to be quite good. So if you have a chance give my regards to the Gabelmann and the Schlenkerla !

      • strivetoengage
        October 18, 2016

        Oh great! We loved visiting in Bamberg and our children had a wonderful time playing in the amazing play ground in das Erba Park. I didn’t get to try the rauchbier in Bamberg but I really liked it at Wieherer brewery!

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