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Autumn in Bavaria – the Romantic Road 

The Romantic Road (Romantische Straße)

The Romantic Road (Romantische Straße) is a modern construct designed to bring tourists to southern Germany and it works! It roughly follows the Roman Road and diverts to take in some magnificent medieval towns along the way.

Bavarian countryside

It was nice to drive today along the romantic road instead of using the autobahns which I find stressful because of the high speeds. Instead we leisurely weaved our way through pretty Bavarian countryside. Each town and village has a unique church and we took photos of a few from the car along the way.

Cute village house

Our first stop was to view the huge meteorite crater that the cute walled town of Nördlingen is nestled in. They estimate that the crater was 0.003 times the mass of the earth and that’s big!

Bavarian forest with the huge meteorite crater in the background

Our second stop was the beautiful castle in Harburg which was first built in the 12th Century.

Harburg Castle

Harburg Castle

We paid the small entry fee of 10€ for our family of 4 and wandered around the castle grounds trying not to shiver in the cold 4C cloudy weather. We enjoyed the visit.

Nice castle garden

We decided not to take a guided tour because those are difficult to do with children because it’s difficult to maintain attention and interest but also because we had 6 hours of driving minimum to do today.

That’s a scary door!

The castle has an eccentric mixture of architectural styles

View of cute Harburg village

We escaped the cold and made use of the 0.5€ vouchers per entry ticket to have warm apple strudel with vanilla ice cream and coffees and then we knew that we were in Bavaria.

Warm apple strudel with vanilla ice cream

We drove on and passed through the old town of Nördlingen but didn’t stop. It’s a nice looking town with preserved walls ringing the whole town.

Nördlingen city gate

Nördlingen street scene

More from the Romantische Straße in my next post! Have you been along the romantic road? What did you think?

You can read about some of our other adventures in Germany in autumn herehere, here, here and here.


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