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Autumn in Bavaria – Legoland

Lego replica of Frankfurt skyline

Ok, you figured it out. We came to Bavaria to visit Legoland. The whole trip is based around a treat for our son for his birthday and a desire for warm weather. We lost the weather gamble but we won with Legoland because it was better than any of us expected!


We are staying in nearby Günzburg and it was a short drive this morning to Legoland, arriving in time for opening at 10am. We had purchased a family 1-day pass online and a parking voucher online too. We passed into Legoland seamlessly using our prepaid voucher at the turnstiles.

We loved the rollercoasters

The park is well arranged with short walks between features, large blocks of toilets placed in convenient locations and places to sit.

Replica of the famous Neuschwanstein Castle

The queues have electronic displays estimating queuing times and shelter over the queues which would be useful if it was sunny or raining. The rides are fast which means that queuing time is shorter than it would be otherwise. Everyone that we saw behaved politely and we didn’t see any queue jumping. There’s an option to buy an electronic ticketing machine that gives priority access but in mid October and before the Bavarian school holidays start there was no need for it.

There were plenty of small children there and also plenty of attractions to suit small children as well as ample to thrill our 9 year old daughter and even a few to thrill me!

Egyptian section

The park is laid out in sections based on themes, like Lego City, pirates, adventure etc.

The majority of guests at Legoland Deutschland spoke German but we also overheard some Portuguese, English, Italian, Spanish, Russian and Polish.

In between the rides are fun playgrounds were children can reset themselves with less stimulus and burn off extra energy

There are plenty of food vendors throughout the park but no restrictions on taking food and drink into the park so we took our own and only stopped once for the warmth of an indoor café with coffee and crepes. The ticket price covered all of the rides that we wanted to use and we didn’t do any of the arcade style games that cost extra.

Aquarium in the Atlantis exhibit

Amazingly there is an aquarium in the Atlantis exhibit. We loved seeing the sea creatures swimming around, although some seemed to be in cramped enclosures for their size.

The staff on all of the rides were polite and some were enthusiastically friendly. All staff automatically spoke in German but effortlessly switched to English if someone didn’t understand. As an aside at breakfast this morning I forgot the word for glass and accidentally ordered 4 bags of water instead. You can imagine the confusion of the polite waitress!

Lego safari

We all enjoyed the day. The rollercoasters were thrilling and the Bionicle ride was surprising. For our son Legoland Deutschland rates in his top 6 experiences, along with Rypetoppen rope climbing park and the Lego discovery centre in Berlin. Interestingly, Tokyo Disney doesn’t even rate a mention for him and we all enjoyed Legoland Deutschland much more than Disney. We had similar weather at both with less than 10C and cloud but the queuing times at Legoland were far far shorter and we all prefer Lego to Disney anyway. Lego Deutschland gets a double thumbs up from all four of us (7 year old boy, 9 year old girl and two parents, all from Australia).

You can read about some of our other adventures in Germany in autumn here, here, here and here.


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