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Autumn in Bavaria – Schwabach 

Isn’t this a perfect beauty?

From Bayreuth we continued towards Günzburg and stopped in Schwabach for petrol and lunch.

We were fortunate to find that the farmer’s markets were on in Schwabach and we enjoyed wandering around, nibbling on generous free samples, looking at the alpacas and hens.

We love this flower bridge in Schwabach

The people of Schwabach were patient with my Australian school girl German and nobody reverted to English in desperation, unlike in Norway where it’s difficult to find any Norwegians that will persevere in Norwegian once they realise we speak English.

The cathedral looks beautiful in Schwabach

We had lunch in Schmidt’s bakery before continuing our hair-raising drive along the autobahn. I got up to 160km/hr. It’s fun but stressful when a German car appears out of nowhere behind me because they are driving at the speed of sound and they can be a little impatient for me to compete overtaking. Also, I’m used to driving on the other side of the road and I find it difficult at that speed to place the car perfectly in the lane rather than hugging the right lane marker, especially while passing the many many trucks.


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