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Autumn in Bavaria – Cute Günzburg 

Market platz

We are staying in Günzburg, Bavaria for our høstferie (autumn school holidays in Norway). We imagined warm weather to help us defrost before winter sets in where we live in Trondheim but it’s almost as cold here as it is at home. Never mind. Today we had patches of golden sunshine and that makes 10C more enjoyable!

View from the castle

Our son is sick with a cold that makes him listless and irritable. This morning I took our daughter to the excellent indoor swimming pool facilities in nearby Leipheim (hallbad). There are 4 pools, including one warm pool that’s outdoors and we were lucky to have sunshine while we played in that pool, and a long slide. We only paid €5 for me and €3.5 for my daughter for 2 hours of pleasure and fun including hot showers and hairdryers.

Forest beside the Günz river

Meanwhile my husband took our son to explore the Sunday markets in the market square in the old town. There’s a disappointing number of vendors selling ugly clothes and bags but some mountain cheese and wurst too. Next they walked down to the Günz river and played in the play grounds in the forest. Our son told us that his 2nd favourite place in the world is a forest.

Sunday markets

Spital Kirke

After lunch together in our apartment we headed back out into the occasional sunshine to explore the markets, get ice creams for our kids, play at play grounds and check out the flea markets.

Thank you whoever in Günzburg made this arrangement. I adore clematis

Sculpture of a man with 3 pigs

Günzburg has a lot of public art and we enjoyed looking at and playing on and around the pieces.

Sculptures in the park looking towards the castle

Holocaust monument to Janusz Korczak

Later we headed over to look at the ornately decorated Frauen Kirke (our lady church). My daughter came inside and must have remembered mass on Lipari because she knelt in a pew for a while with her head bowed and then bought and lit a candle while I admired the artwork in the church.

Inside Frauen Kirke

The church has a nice door!

Frauen Kirke

We ate out for dinner which isn’t something that we do very often. We chose Gateway to India where they prepared some curries with low spice content so that our children would enjoy them too.

Each house has shutters of a different colour

You can read about some of our other adventures in Germany in autumn here, here and here.


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