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Autumn in Bavaria – en route Dessau and Leipzig 

Dessau Brauhaus

It’s the autumn school holidays in Trondheim, Norway and we are expats so we did the predictable thing and took affordable flights to Berlin.

Beautiful vats in the brewery

We hired a car and drove to Dessau for lunch at a brewery  (Brauhaus). It was traditional food and super delicious. Although I must admit that I only ate a bit of fruit for dinner that night and lay in bed with a sore gall bladder that was trying to produce enough bile to deal with the fat from lunch. Yes I am prone to hyperbole.

Super delicious traditional pork with mushrooms, onion and cheese

This church stands out in the Dessau sky line

We drove on to Leipzig and I enjoyed my first experience of driving on the autobahn. 150km/h and life is fine.

Leipzig is covered in graffiti

We didn’t see much of Leipzig at all. What we did see was a bit run down and covered in graffiti or amazing, jaw-dropping street art that made me want to pull to a screeching stop and admire the artistic talents at work in Leipzig. I was sad to miss out on the street art festival that’s on right now in Leipzig.

Leipzig has some of the most amazing street art that I’ve seen anywhere in the world. Sadly I didn’t photograph any

What we did instead is a bit embarrassing considering our pretense of intentional consumption. We went to the huge shopping centre call Nova Aventis and spent the whole day. I bought clothes and Rieder boots that I can’t get in Norway, we had a Greek lunch and did indoor rope climbing in their excellent klettewald facility. It reminded us of rypetoppen in Norway, we climbed for 1 hour on 3 safe circuits for 11€ per person. Nova Aventis is a good place to spend a day nice and warm when it’s drizzling and less than 9C outside and your son is sick.

Rope climbing in Leipzig 


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