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Autumn in Bavaria – Bayreuth

Eremitage in Bayreuth

En route from Leipzig to Günzburg we stopped at the Eremitage in Bayreuth to rest and revive ourselves amid lovely gardens.

The decorations on the orangerie are beautiful!

At first we thought the orangerie was decorated with mosaic tiles but it’s actually colored rocks and slag that are set like tiles on the walls. It’s beautiful.

We enjoyed sitting in the warmth of the orangerie café for a capuccino.

The fountains were stitched off

Our children had a wonderful time climbing a big old spruce tree while we wandered around.

Afterwards they served us an imaginary meal at their imaginary café. I love that we have given our children the gift of time with their imaginations rather than screens, there’s no Pokémon Go in our family or movies in the car.

What a wonderful gift to visitors to have a flowering garden in autumn!

Ruins from the old castle

Autumn colors!

We had fun running up and then back down the spiral path to the Chinese pagoda.

View from the Chinese pagoda 


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