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Beautiful Trondheim in Autumn 

View along the Nid River (Nidelven)

I’ve lived in Trondheim for over 12 months now so you can excuse me for posting some photos that share the beautyof this northern town.

Sometimes on our Friday hike we begin by walking along the bank of the Nid River towards Bymarka and that’s what we did last Friday. The light was beautiful and the coloured warehouses along the river banks captured my breath so I’ve shared a few photos here.

The old city bridge (Gamle bybro)

It felt interesting to be a tourist for the first time in Trondheim. We arrived in July last year and hit the ground running with no time or spare mental space to be tourists.

Looking back towards the city from the pedestrian bridge that joins Ila to Øye

Looking towards Bymarka from the Nid River

We’ve now passed the autumn equinox and the days are growing shorter, the sun is at a low angle and the earth is preparing for winter, ice and darkness. Geese are migrating south, squirrels are harvesting acorns and leaves are changing colour. I even saw the northern lights (aurora borealis)! I’ve never experienced such extreme seasonal changes until moving this close to the Arctic circle! It gives more meaning to the Buddhist concept of letting go. It’s good to live here.

What do you think? Have you been to Trondheim? It’s not an exciting city nor does it have a beautiful old town but it’s a good size and has the vibrancy brought by international students to the university.


4 comments on “Beautiful Trondheim in Autumn 

  1. Susan
    October 3, 2016


    • strivetoengage
      October 3, 2016

      Thanks! Have you been to Trondheim?

      • Susan
        October 3, 2016

        No, but it’s gorgeous! Maybe one day!😆

      • Susan
        October 3, 2016

        No, maybe one day though!😆

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