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Autumn walking in Trondheim 

Isn’t it beautiful?!

My husband and I continue to walk on my Friday off work every week. It gives us time to talk, think and reconnect. We live in Trondheim, Norway without a car so our Friday hikes start and end at our children’s school.

View towards Rotvoll and the Trondheim fjord

In early September our Friday hike was to Jonsvatnet drinking water reservoir.

Who could get sick of seeing a cute red wooden farm building across a lake?

We walked up the hill past Tyholt tower, past Charlottenlund and towards Solbakken. As we walked we talked about the future and what should we do next year when my expat assignment finishes, where we would like to live – small university city in a safe and developed country, living close to the city centre to avoid having a car – like where we are now in Trondheim.

At one pedestrian crossing a driver accelerated to squeeze through the crossing as we stepped off the kerb. At another we had slowed down to discuss whether to cross or not and a driver stopped and patiently waited for us to cross. What a contrast!

Unfortunately we had to walk most of the way beyond Charlottenlund on the side of the road, which is fine in Norway because the drivers tend to be safe and sensible but it’s not relaxing.

What a wonderful sculpture beside the lake!

The weather was mild and it was lovely to be outside, breathing fresh air, testing our bodies to walk over 16km in less than 5 hours and to talk about the tantalizing concepts of Janteloven and hyggelig (see my review on The Almost Nearly Perfect People).

When we had walked for almost half of our alloted time we saw on a map that a lookout was nearby so we followed a narrow trail up onto a ridge and had a nice view of the lake.


We had a lovely time and were back in time for a coffee at home before picking up our children from the school and taking them to their private violin lesson.


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