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Rypetoppen Adventurepark


Walking in the forest

Rypetoppen Adventurepark is in Meråker, Norway on the E14, towards Storlien, Sweden.


The Black level Rypetoppen course

I took my two children (7 and 9 years) there on Sunday 4th September. My son is 1.25m tall so he was eligible to use the yellow, blue and green courses, whereas my daughter is 1.45m tall and was eligible to also use the red courses. I’m over 1.6m which means I could also (theoretically) do the black course.


We travelled there from Trondheim with family friends. Originally it was only going to be my 7 year old son and me travelling in the car with that family but when my daughter came outside in her pyjamas to say goodbye they invited her too. We dashed inside, changed her into warm gear for wet weather and packed lunch before dashing back out again in less than 5 minutes. She was initially hesitant to go because of motion sickness but she was brave and discretely vomited beside the road when we stopped 6 minutes before arriving at the adventure park.


The courses are named after local birds

I read the safety information and signed waivers on behalf of all 3 of us and we paid 1020 kr for entry. We were helped by efficient young staff to put on our harnesses then we attended a short training course (in Norwegian) on how to use the two caribiners and the 3rd level of safety, a type of caribiner that can’t be opened and is always slid by hand along the steel wire throughout the course.


Initially my children were a bit timid and it took them a while to figure out how to manipulate their static caribiners around the trees but they quickly gained confidence and speed and were soon loving it. They challenged themselves and had a great time. I hope that they will remember the day fondly.


I would have liked to try some of the blue, red and black courses but on our first attempt of a blue course my daughter was attacked by vertigo and begged to be brought down. A young staff member quickly climbed up and brought her down and from then on we stuck to the low elevation green courses. I closely supervised my children all day except when my son joined the other family. I don’t mind that I didn’t try the more challenging courses; part of motherhood is finding joy in the joy of my children rather than wanting things for myself!

It was really nice to be in the forest despite the cool temperatures (less than 10C) and drizzle. We were delighted to see some red squirrels taking food into the treetops. We picked some large ripe blueberries and had a nice packed lunch in the shared A-frame building. It is a very nice spot and we had a great day and didn’t leave there until closing time at 17:30.


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