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Trondheim Musikalsk Byvandring

The flowers in Trondheim in summer are beautiful

It’s back to business as usual in Trondheim. School has returned and the new year of university is beginning. My colleagues and clients are returning from their summer vacations. Trondheim has changed hugely from super quiet one month ago to bursting at the seams with the annual fisheries conference, the university students bonding and performing shenanigans all over town, the Pstereo music festival, the international rollerskiing competition and more.

Brass quintet from the TSO performing in Stiftgårdsparken

We have lived in Trondheim for one year as part of my expat assignment from Australia. We love it here. We love picking berries in summer, hiking in the forests near our home, longgggg summer days, and we also love the snow. Having a big university in Trondheim adds to the vitality of the city. We also love the Trondheim Symphony Orchestra. They play really well and there is a show nearly every week.

Inside the frimurer logen (free mason’s lodge)

Yesterday we joined the orchestra for a unique experience, a city walk with a historian and 5 concerts. It was great! We started in the canteen at Olavshallen, the home of the orchestra, with a Schubert octet for strings and wind instruments.

One of the portraits in the masonic lodge

From there the historian led us to Stiftgårdsparken where we enjoyed the beautiful flowers while being transported by the brass quintet playing music by J. D. Berlin.

The historian speaking in the masonic lodge

Most of the 70 people attending the musical city walk had silver hair and understood Norwegian so we stood out a little as an Australian family with our Brazilian friends. We understood very little of what the historian said but it gave us time and space for the 3 children to play and the weather was good.

Historian speaking outside the Vår frue kirke

We moved into the masonic lodge where we gazed with interest at the ocult symbols and enjoyed the string quartet. While waiting to use the toilets a friendly Norwegian woman showed me her mason’s ring and told me she used to attend meetings there every second week.

Inside Vår Frue Kirke

Next stop was Vår Frue Kirke (church of our Lady) where we admired the decorations and loved the choral singing. One friendly Norwegian woman explained to me that volunteers from the church allow homeless people to sleep inside the church and provide a hot meal daily. We saw an Arab couple, a Romany woman and an alcoholic Norwegian in there.

Free outdoor concert in the pedestrian mall on Nodregata by the TSO

Outside the church I asked another friendly Norwegian woman where the free outdoor concert by the full orchestra was to be held. She waited for our Brazilian friends to join us and then walked with us to the pedestrian mall on Nodregata. She stood with us throughout the concert. She was gentle and nice. The concert was sort of a greatest hits of classical music and the crowd loved it. Hopefully it was successful as a marketing exercise. Today I spoke to two of the musicians and they told me that they hadn’t rehearsed at all and didn’t know what the acoustics would be like but they were happy with the overall effect. It was a great day!


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