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Hiking – Gjevilvasshytta to Bårdsfjellet to Oppdal 

We crossed a few streams and this was the smallest

Our dormitory in Gjevilvasshytta with 6 bunk beds was cosy and we shared with two Norwegian women, older than us, who go hiking every summer in Norway.

Imagine what the blueberries are like here now!

Breakfast was served at 8am and was a nice buffet with lots of tasty options including reindeer salami and smoked salmon. We all sat at long tables and ate a hearty breakfast and afterwards we packed lunches for ourselves. Dinner, bed, breakfast and lunch were all included in the price of 800 kr.

What a beautiful fungus!

My friend and I asked advice and plotted a course to take us back to Oppdal via Bårdsfjellet. Thankfully the drying room had thoroughly dried all of our gear. We set off up the hill following cow tracks. With some difficulty we climbed through the barbed wire fence and continued up the hill.

The view of Gjevilvatnet was spectacular

We crossed a stream and walked higher and further to the south.

The glacial landscape is beautiful

Looking towards the southern end of Gjevilvatnet

I love Norwegian forest at all times of the year

We navigated using the map and compass and occasionally checked the app. Sometimes it was difficult, climbing through barbed wire fences and crossing big streams, clambering up slate slopes but we enjoyed it. I wore my new waterproof Stormberg hiking trousers. They are perfect and didn’t leak at all in the storm on the previous day. I was disappointed when I was overconfident stepping over a barbed wire fence and caught them on a barb but it’s a small tear and hopefully won’t be a problem.

Gjevilvatnet is lovely

As we approached Bårdsfjellet we were on time to catch our 7pm train but realized that we would have to walk to Oppdal by road instead of trying to make our own paths if we were to have time to eat dinner in Oppdal before the train. Not only were we running out of time but also endurance.

We crossed at the shallowest point of this fast flowing stream but still had wet feet afterwards

View of Gjevilvatnet from Bårdsfjellet

When we reached the summit of Bårdsfjellet from the Gjevilvatnet side we were joined by happy middle aged Norwegians who had just walked up the relatively easy trail from Skarvatnet.

View towards Oppdal from Bårdsfjellet

We were relieved and disappointed to join the established trail and we quickly descended to Skarvatnet. We walked along the road towards the highway to Oppdal as quickly as we could, hoping to catch the 16:10 bus. After the long hiking day that we’d already had with lots of up and down (over 600m change in elevation) it was a slog. We watched as a thunderstorm travelled along the valley in front of us but it magically turned right and swept away from us rather than towards us and we only received light rain. Two of my toenails lifted up and blisters formed but on we walked, occasionally contemplating hitching a ride from a passing motorist but not having the experience or courage to try it.

One last stream to cross as Skarvatnet

We reached the highway at 16:20, having narrowly missed the bus. We had hiked over 20km, of that 12km was without a trail and constantly rising in elevation. We were tired and the final 8km to Oppdal would have put the chance of a hot meal in Oppdal out of reach. So, we called a taxi and for 240 kr we travelled in comfort instead! We had a nice pizza in Oppdal and caught our 19:05 train home. I met a Brazilian friend for a drink in Trondheim when I arrived and tried not to feel out of place in my hiking clothes. When I couldn’t keep my eyes open any longer my friend noticed and sent me home. The next day I worked, my family came home from Germany and then I went to Kuwait for work. It was a perfect weekend!


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