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Hiking – Oppdal to Gjevilvasshytta

Oppdal has beautiful mountains around it and I think that’s a ski run

After 3 1/2 weeks family holiday in Sicily, I returned to Trondheim alone for work while my family continued their holiday. It’s the first time that I’ve been home alone! I arranged in advance to meet a friend in Oppdal and spend the weekend hiking together.

Pretty wildflowers carpet the forest floor

Beautiful tyrihjelm wildflowers

I caught the 08:23 train from Trondheim to Oppdal. It is the Oslo train and has allocated seating but I didn’t realise that. The ticket inspector kindly checked if the seat I was using was available and let me stay there rather than move 5 carriages to my seat.

Beautiful lichen

I really enjoyed relaxing on the train instead of driving. The view was ever-changing and lovely. In Oppdal I filled in time waiting for my bus to Festa that was due to leave at 10:50. In the bus shelter I saw that it doesn’t run then on weekends and at 10:55 I messaged my friend who came to pick me up. We bought tickets for the 19:05 train the next day to Trondheim.

First glimpse of the lake called Gjevilvatnet

We went to her cabin (hytta) in Festa. It was my first experience of a Norwegian cabin and not only is it huge, it’s nicer than my house in Australia. As you may have read I lived in rustic conditions as a child but this cabin was luxurious by any standards!

Look at that huge cabin! The grass on the roof is nice

We set off with our packs after the rain died down, using a paper map and a compass with the app as backup. My training in field geology helps me to read the contours and landforms. My friend enjoys orienteering and is learning to read maps.


We walked for about 4 hours, sometimes without a defined trail. I really need to replace my hiking boots! I wore Merrill walking shoes and when we walked through the first swamp I had wet feet.

The original door to Gjevilvasshytta from 1819

When we were 1 hours walk from Gjevilvasshytta, a storm poured down rain on us so that we were streaming water. Fortunately it wasn’t cold and it reminded me of similar downpours when I was a child living near the rainforest.

View of Gjevilvatnet from our dinner table

We walked as fast as we comfortably could and were pleased to arrive at Gjevilvasshytta at 17:30. We were assigned to a 6 bed dorm with 3 double bunk beds. Water was streaming from our clothes and packs and we were overjoyed to find plenty of space in the super warm drying room.

Dinner was served at 18:00 and it was cosy to sit in the warm dining room at the window end of a long table. We served ourselves mushroom soup and then reindeer stew with mashed potatoes and sour berries (titebaer) and a glass of red wine. Dessert was a creme caramel.

After dinner everyone sat around chatting quietly in the common areas and preparing for their hike the next day. The cabin is huge and sleeps 52 people. It has running water, electricity and flush toilets. Pillows and quilts were provided and we took our own sleeping sheets. What luxury!


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