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Hiking on Lipari island – Canneto to the southern cape, Quattrocchi, Pianoconte and back

For our family summer holiday this year we spent 10 days in Sicily and 2 weeks on Lipari island. It was the best holiday I’ve ever had.

Coastal track on the southern cape of Lipari island

We stayed in Canneto village and it was wonderfully sleepy. We were only about 50m from the beach so we swam twice a day and didn’t do much else.

First glimpse of Vulcano island

My husband’sparents were staying in Canneto as well and it was fantastic to spend time with them, the first in over 1 year.

Approaching Vulcano island

Twice in those two weeks the grandparents entertained our children while we went hiking. Our second hike started in Canneto village then passed through Lipari village on the way to the south cape.

Vulcano island from the southern cape

It was nice and warm (perhaps even hot at 34C). We carried 1.5L of water each and we walked as fast as we could. There was a problem with garbage pick up so the large roadside communal bins were overflowing but thankfully it didn’t stink.

Vulcano island

Outside of  Lipari village we joined a pedestrian track that is signposted and well maintained. We enjoyed the beautiful views back towards Monterosa and south towards Vulcano island.

Looking back towards Vulcano island

From the southern cape we headed for Piane a la Greca (Greek plain). Apparently there is a huge olive tree there that’s over 1000 years old and still fruits.

Rugged coastline

It was hot but never steep or difficult. We walked to a lookout at the site of an Italian geological survey station and enjoyed the view. I was a bit nervous because we were walking beside a cliff with no fences.

A fit Italian man in his 50s ran past us asking in almost incomprehensible Italian what the rest of the trail is like. I’m considered lean but compared to him I felt fat and unfit!

View from the lookout

View towards Santa Rosa

From Piane de la Greca we climbed the steep hill to the Quattrocchi viewpoint. We bought 1.5L of water and sat in the shade and drank most of it, replacing some of what we were dripping onto the ground as we sweated profusely.

View towards Vulcano island from Quattrocchi viewpoint

We headed north along back lanes to Pianoconte, feeling hungry and in desire of coffee. It’s funny that when we fast we can ignore all desires for food but once we shared out loud the desire for a coffee we became passionately interested. We tried one bar but it was closed for maintenance and then on our way out of Pianoconte we found a café that was due to close in 10 minutes. We ordered cappuccinos and one large cannolo, and of course 2 more bottles of water. It was more expensive that Canneto and the coffee was very very hot, as if the milk had been boiled. The cannolo was delicious! And it was nice to sit in the shade.

Freshly filled cannolo with ricotta

Mary in a tree outside the large Pianoconte church

We cut across the island, through Santa Margherita and dropped down behind Canneto. We passed a man driving a tractor at 1:30 in the afternoon, 34C and blazing sunshine. The man was absolutely completely covered in dirt. I felt terrible for him!

View south from Santa Margherita

Another southward view from Santa Margherita

Wild blackberries are tasty and helped to keep us hydrated

It was a lovely hike and Lipari island is endlessly photographic. The views are lovely and would be better when the air quality is better. We could see a bit sheet of volcanic gases and ash either side of Stromboli volcano so that presumably contributes a lot to the haziness. We were very happy to get home to our apartment and see our children again and enjoy swimming in the clean and lovely Mediterranean Sea.


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