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Street art in Catania, Sicily 



This beautiful street art of a flying fox is my favourite that I saw in Catania. It’s in an alcove next to the Fera ‘o Luni markets

We spent one week wandering around Catania on foot. We saw a diverse array of street and public art. I’ve included here photos of some of my favourites and some that simply were eye-catching or typical. Of course the most famous street art in Catania are the enormous murals on the silos at the port. I wasn’t able to take good photos of those so instead I’ve captured some that receive less attention and shared them here.


I know that this looks like I’ve rotated the photo but this stunning street art is aligned like this. I found it in an alleyway near the Spanish castle in Catania

I’m not sure if this wonderful street art is a paste up or stencil but I love it! It is also near the Spanish castle in Catania

There are several of these cat stencils around Catania. This one, near Teatro Bellini, is my favourite because the artist applied the stencil twice with different colours, it’s at ground level and it happened to have a pool of urine under it


This street art puzzled me and caught my attention in le Ciminiere district. I several versions of it scattered around the neighbourhood with different colours


This wonderful use of a natural rock formation to create street art drew us into a seedy series of alleyways and past various types of unappealing prostitutes


Does this count as street art? Poor old Priapus was cursed to have a permanent, oversized erection. In this painting in a seedy brothel alleyway he has a swordfish for a penis


These tags are at the harbour in Catania


Cute public art in the port building, Catania


Santa Agata is not technically street art I suppose but enriching to the passerby

Le Ciminiere district

The future is unwritten stencil, le Ciminiere district

I wouldn’t like to encounter Tony and Anny!

What a wonderful idea to commission a mural on the shutter of a street stall rather than have it graffitied on

Nostalgia for the old times


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