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Milazzo the surprising gem

View from one of the three terraces at our apartment

One our way from Catania to Lipari island we stayed one night in Milazzo. We caught the Sais bus from Catania bus station to Messina. It took 20 minutes longer than scheduled and we arrived with just 5 minutes to spare before catching the Giunta bus to Milazzo.

Artefacts from archeological digs in the necropolis. Some of the artefacts are from the 3rd century BCE. The museum is free to  enter and has a large collection 

We joined my husband’s parents for lunch at a sleepy Gastronomia. The staff didn’t speak English but that was fine because we could order in Italian. Their melanzane (eggplant) parmigiana is the best dish that I’ve ever eaten!

Milazzo has industry, a port and agriculture

Our 2 bedroom apartment at Il Vicolo B&B was a short walk away on the other side of the isthmus from the port. Our top floor apartment had 3 terraces and ample space. The wifi was very weak and the water pump for the building was loud. Also the ceiling isn’t insulated but the air conditioning cooled the apartment sufficiently. We loved eating our meals outside on the big terrace.

Fountain outside the Capuchin monastery on the hill above the town. Our children played in the fountain because they were hot and irritable and the water seemed clean

We walked up the hill and stopped briefly at a free museum in the necropolis with artefacts from 3rd century BCE.

How’s that for an old door?! It looks homemade

It was hot but we continued up towards the Capuchin monastery. Our children were not happy about walking in the heat. The fountain in the piazza outside the monastery looked clean so I suggested that they climb into it and cool themselves down. They loved playing in there.

View along a street in the old town towards the Capuchin monastery

After playing in the fountain they were in a better mood and were able to keep walking up to the castle.

Captivating view towards the coast

The ticket seller at the castle liked me and when he found out that we are from Australia he asked me to bring him a kangaroo next time and in return he only charged one of us for entry (5€).

The Castle of Milazzo has a lovely shape

We enjoyed exploring the castle. Imagining what it was like to live there and what it would be like to be attacked and how the people would have defended themselves.

The oleanders and bougainvillea in eastern Sicily are beautiful

View along the castle walls

In the convent we encountered an artist in residence. He enthusiastically taught our children how to play rustic musical instruments. He showed us hand made masks that he wears during theatrical performances and how the masks make his voice much louder than normal. He writes plays in the ancient Sicilian tradition and performs them in the castles of Sicily. When we gave him a donation he gave our children handmade leather pendants with their first initials hammered into them.

After exploring the Norman section of the castle we headed back down the hill and stopped for yummy granite. We went to the long, sandy beach that stretches seemingly endlessly beside Milazzo. The water was perfect and we enjoyed playing, surrounded by happy locals.

We had a lovely time in Milazzo and would like to return.


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