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Hiking on Lipari island – Canneto to Acquacalda

View of Monterosa

Two weeks in Canneto, Lipari island may just be the perfect holiday. From Milazzo we caught the hydrofoil to Lipari village on Lipari island, to spend 2 weeks in Canneto with my husband’s parents.

Footpath leading us up out of Canneto

We are staying about 20m from the beach and we swim twice a day and cook fresh vegetables with excellent fish, cheese and ham. We talk, play cards and we stroll. I’ve never taken a relaxing break like this before! I didn’t bring my work computer and I’ve stopped my work phone from checking work emails. I’m actually on holiday!

View of Canneto village

I’m loving the Mediterranean Sea. Twice a day I go for a long swim out 50m or so from the shore and then parallel to the beach. I wear goggles and I can see the variety and abundance of fish. Some are quite beautiful and there are literally thousands of fish. The water temperature is perfect and the swell is gentle. It’s my best experience with the sea ever. I used to body surf daily for many years in the summer in Wollongong, Australia; that was always exciting and sometimes painful. This is more suited to older and yonger people! Our children are both becoming stronger and more confident swimmers.

Walking north of Canneto with a view towards Stromboli volcano

On Thursday my husband and I left our children with their grandparents and set off hiking around the north of Lipari island. It was already 32C at 8am and we weren’t sure how far we would get but with 1.5L of water each and 0.5L of that frozen, hats, sun cream and running shoes we felt prepared.

View towards the sea across a pumice mine

As we climbed up out of Canneto we were already drenched with sweat but the sea breeze was pleasant. It’s amazing that 11 months in Norway has already made us less accustomed to moderately hot weather!

Pumice mine with Monterosa in the background

We passed a series of beaches. When planning the walk I had naively thought we would stop to swim but my swimming costume stayed in my backpack and we walked on.

Acquacalda with Salina Island to the right

We passed huge outcrops of pumice and some disused pumice mines and a conveyor belt that extends into the sea. The water was beautiful but the rusting metal and the excavations were unattractive.

Sustenance in Acquacalda

It was very interesting to walk along and see growing wild some of the plants that are very familiar to me from the gardens of Mediterranean people who have settled in Australia. For example, oleander, prickly pear, geraniums, capers, carnations, fig trees, robinias and blackberries.

Beautiful outcrop with obsidian and pumice in a front garden

We arrived in Acquacalda at 10am and stopped to buy more water and have a cold, unsweetened coffee (caffé shackerato). I wasn’t sure if we would stop again so I also ordered a slice of chocolate brownie with walnut pieces. I’m glad that I did because the next time that we ate was 6 1/2 hours later.
More to come in the next post!


2 comments on “Hiking on Lipari island – Canneto to Acquacalda

  1. arac kiralama ucretleri
    July 12, 2016

    Why this site don’t have other languages support?

    • strivetoengage
      July 13, 2016

      I’m sorry. I’m using a free WordPress site. Can you use Google Translate through your browser?

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