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Summer hiking in Trondheim


Working 80% is a wonderful thing. You should try it! I use my day off to hike with my husband. We reconnect with each other and nature and we stay fit too. What a great mix!


Nearing the end of the school year our hikes were short to fit in with special events at the school. Rather than exploring new tracks we opted for a brisk hike of over 22km to the highest peak in Trondheim, Gråkallen, last week. This week we only had 3 hours so we hiked towards Estenstadhytta and turned back in time to collect our kids from school.


Wet discovered a lovely little patch of forest behind Eberg Skole. It seems that the town planners did a great job to leave pockets of forest scattered throughout Trondheim.


Next we walked through Moholt Kirkegård (cemetery). The pillars for holding cremation plaques are very nicely designed. We read some of the headstones, noting old Norwegian names and the ages at the time of  death of husbands and wives. There’s one small section of the cemetery that uses natural rocks as headstones, not reshaped but in their lovely natural state with typical inscriptions carved on one side. I wonder if it’s a section for a different branch of Christianity?



Moholt Kirke (church built in 1900) is a lovely traditional looking (neo-Gothic) wooden church with carved dragons guarding the corners of the roof. I would have liked to peak inside and I imagine it’s austere in the Lutheran tradition but I am not comfortable looking into places of worship unless invited to.


We briskly passed through the NTNU Dragvoll campus and this time we followed some alluring paths rather than walk up the rural road directly towards Estenstadhytta.


It was a brisk walk with cool weather. The wildflowers are beautiful and it’s been very interesting to see the colours of the forest changing since we first arrived nearly 11 months ago.
It’s almost mid summer. We’ve had a cool but mostly dry summer so far with some gorgeous days. I’ve found that even when it’s only 11C I can comfortably sunbathe if sheltered from the wind. It’s spectacular watching the sun set after 11pm each night.


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    June 20, 2016


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