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Hiking around Solbakken

On Friday my husband and I walked from our children’s school, past Tyholt tower, through Charlottenlund and around the small mountain to Solbakken.


The wild flowers were beautiful, including wild violets.

We saw a group of young children wearing orange vests (presumably a kindergarten-barnehage group) get off a bus with two adults at Solbakken. They crossed the road and walked up the steep path towards a play area in the forest with ropes and other play and climbing structures. They chatted happily the whole way and I imagined that they were about to have a great time.




I was away in Kuwait for work last weekend so we enjoyed having the opportunity to talk without interruption as we walked. Mid-sentence I looked ahead through a gap in the trees and was astonished to see an adult elg looking at us. It must be the largest wil animal that I’ve ever seen while hiking anywhere in Europe, Asia, Americas or Australasia. I suppose that the elg had plenty of warning that we were coming because we were talking and not trying to walk quietly. It watched us and then slowly wandered into the forest.


We walked through the swamp on the summit and enjoyed the beauty of Norwegian swamp vegetation.
As we dropped over the edge of the ridge we lost the trail and laboured our way over and through the fallen trees.


As we walked past the lookout we stopped for a quick look then kept walking. It was exciting to see 2 more elg running through the forest in front of us.


We dropped down towards the fjord near Ranheim and walked over to the track that follows the fjord until Rotvoll when we headed along the road to City Lade. After afternoon tea of coffee and waffles at Jordbaer (ok but not great) we shopped for summer clothes in H&M then on to the Stormberg outlet to take advantage of their sale. We walked back to the school as fast as we could and arrived just in time to pick up our children. It was about 20km in total and very variable walking. A colleague from USA dined with us that evening and then a teacher from the school and her partner on Saturday evening.


One comment on “Hiking around Solbakken

  1. LoveWhat'sWild
    May 16, 2016

    Awesome photo! I live in Washington state and our hikes look much different! Check out my post from today to see what the wet Pacific Northwest looks like! or my instagram @lovewhatswild

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