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Spring in Trondheim


The Nidelven in Spring

Every day is 6 1/2 minutes longer than the day before it and already we have over 15 hour days. We’ve had beautiful sunshine this week with actual warmth in it. We’ve also had snow and rain but let’s focus on the sun!


Lovely Iladalen

Birds are returning from winter migration and it’s lovely to listen to their different calls in residential areas (magpies, sparrows, other finches and tits), the sea birds beside the river (a grey headed silver winged gull and a large grey gull) and today we had the great pleasure of hearing forest birds calling in the forest while we hiked to Bymarka. One bird sounded like a camera shutter, some were melodious and one woodpecker amused us when he tapped on a metal cap on a power pole.


Pockets of snow on Bymarka

We walked past the NTNU campus, along the banks of the Nidelven and through Ila. I was able to have a quick glimpse of Ila Kirke (church) because the door was open for the first time that I’ve noticed. I quickly closed the door when I saw that two people were in serious conversation at the front of the church. I felt like I was intruding. I never feel comfortable about entering churches just to take a look but many of them are truly lovely inside so the lure is often strong!


The undergrowth is springing back to life now that the snow has melted

From Ila we walked beside the creek on the lovely path in Iladalen. The forest still doesn’t have any leaves but it is alive with birds and with temperatures a little over 5C, it felt really good to be in the forest.


Normally I’m supportive of street art but this is an unwelcome stain on the natural beauty of Iladalen. It’s not even good quality

When we reached Bymarka we took a path through the forest and straight away found ourselves walking through snow. It was surprising because the snow is gone from Trondheim but then we remembered that we can see patches of snow on Bymarka from our apartment.

I had a meeting at the school in the afternoon so we headed back from there and enjoyed walking back down through Iladalen, inspecting the stone sculptures. Each has an artificial rock next to it and I wondered what it was for, noticing circular plugs in the carvings, I assumed they were lights. Afterwards I read that the sculptures were created by sculptor Stefan Christiansen who was inspired by chicken bones. There are 10 pale granite sculptures and they do have light attached to them with light generators hidden in the fake rocks.


The hedges of Trondheim are coming back to life after a long, cold and dark winter

It was nice to take a walk of around 15 km with my husband despite the shorter than normal time available and I definitely want to return to Iladalen soon!


We finished our ‘date’ by stopping at a traditional cafe in Bakklandet for homemade hot chocolate (hjemmelaget kakao)


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