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Helsinki museum of natural history


In Helsinki we stayed in a lovely apartment on Arkadiankatu, just down the street from the Museum of Natural History. It is well regarded so one cold, grey morning we decided to visit it.


Our son is 6 years old so his entry was free and we only had to pay for ourselves and our daughter. We started on the ground floor playing with some interactive displays and examining the different skeletons.


On the first floor we visited the temporary exhibition on the ice age. The wooly mammoths are amazing and we enjoyed entering the tent made of animal skins.


The 1st floor was my favourite because of the excellent displays of stuffed animals in active postures, like the polar bear in the photo above that is reaching through a gap in the ice to catch a seal. The taxidermy is excellent and the displays are clever and exciting.



Typically our son shines his full amazing attention and brilliant mind on an exhibition for about 40 minutes and is totally engaged. He asks lots of questions, makes interesting observations and soaks it all up. Typically he then burns out and can’t bear to be in the exhibit one moment longer. This time however, he maintained his laser focus for over 2 hours, never losing interest. He impressed us by reciting animal facts that he has learnt at school this year. He is more advanced than the other 1st graders and his teacher keeps him engaged while they learn by getting him to read about animals. Similarly our daughter enjoyed the exhibition and told us facts about climate change that she has learned in her Norwegian lessons.


It was particularly thrilling travelling through different parts of the world and identifying animals from places that we have visited.

The top floor was interesting with dinosaur skeletons and hands on exhibits. It’s a great museum and we are really glad that we visited it. While talking to my friend about the museum we discovered that one of the specimens had been donated by her during her Masters degree!


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