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Street Art in Prenzlauer Berg, Berlin


This wolf in Prenzlauer Berg is my favourite street art that I’ve seen anywhere in the world

I love to look at street art and my family are used to me stopping in the middle of a street to inspect the art, wherever we are in the world. We stayed in the wonderful area of Berlin called Prenzlauer Berg and we enjoyed seeing the vibrant street art that covers its ‘galleries’.


The shop windows of this curry wurst cafe in Prenzlauer Berg were covered by roller-doors that have very cool murals painted on them.


Busy street art gallery in Prenzlauer Berg


I stood in the sub zero cold with my son appraising these two amazing street art pieces. We both were drawn to the set on the left that uses Spiderman colours and depicts rather frightening looking creatures


A lot of street art depicting creatures is somewhat to very menacing looking so this image of a happy-go-lucky fellow chasing a butterfly is unusual!


Is this a pied piper trying to attract mice that are immune because of their cheese? Amazing street art in Prenzlauer Berg


The street art is ok but the coffee shop is very cool! Prenzlauer Berg


This street art in Prenzlauer Berg surprised me when I looked back to the right and saw the man staring at me.


This amazing street art covered the side of a 5-story apartment block in Prenzlauer Berg!


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