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Wintergarten, Legoland and Potsdamer Platz


We try to make our travels interesting, fun and memorable for our children. When preparing for this trip we booked tickets to see a theatrical production of Aladdin at the Wintergarten theatre. We had excellent seats in the 3rd elevation and at the centre. We were seated at the front of a table for 8 so our view was uninterrupted. Wait staff served us drinks during the show and it was all very relaxing and enjoyable. The cast for the show was huge and included acrobats. The main scenes of the play were interspersed with entertaining displays of strength, flexibility, coordination and choreography. The tight rope scene featured pre teens riding monocycles across the rope. The best scene for me was the performance of the Sultan with the monocycles, stairs and skipping ropes. The performance was in German so my family didn’t understand much but the acting was very good and they remembered the story so they still really enjoyed it. Our children have been taught at school the main elements of a good story so they are always looking for the complication. Several times during the show my son turned to me asking what was the complication.


It was very cold outside and we searched for somewhere to have lunch, criss-crossing the street until choosing a small, authentic looking café that was very popular. The café is named after the Austrian Jewish journalist and novelist, Joseph Roth. The menu was exclusively in German and used terms that I didn’t recognize and Google translate couldn’t help either. I ordered 4 dishes and crossed my fingers hoping they would be to our looking. I was quite surprised that my onion quiche contained at most one egg but at least 4 onions that hadn’t been pre-cooked. It wasn’t delicious. Our daughter’s wurst salad turned out to be shredded wurst sprinkled with shredded cheese and no vegetables at all. Also not delicious. The atmosphere of the café was relaxed and patrons shared tables in a good natured way.


Two Lebanese tourists asked me for advice as we were leaving the café. I told them about the café, the Wintergarten theatre, Potsdamer Platz and Unter den Linden Straße. I heard them speak to each other in Arabic and their eyes widened in surprise and pleasure when I spoke a few words of Arabic with them. I paused outside the Ibero-American centre to take a photo of a monument to Simon de Bolivar, a hero who helped the people of Colombia, Ecuador and Peru (Bolivia and Venezuela too) gain independence. I’ve walked along streets dedicated to him in Colombia, Ecuador and Peru and it was strange to see his statue in Germany.


We walked to the Legoland discovery centre and paid €44 entry. We participated in most of the activities over a 3 hour period and our children had a great time. It’s below ground level with no windows or natural light, it’s a bit cramped and was crowded so it was very warm and stimulating but I’m glad that we went.



In Potsdamer Platz, in front of the Sony building, we found some food stalls and a stage. We had freshly cooked wurst and I drank glühwein with a shot added. Suddenly I was less cold. As we were eating a performance began on the stage and a fairy danced around to the captivated audience of adults and children. I was focused on locating our son in the crowd and was super relieved to find him in a prime position at the front.




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