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Kraków: chocolate, engineering & apples


This morning we headed into the old town, bought some of the classic, big pretzels of Kraków for our children from a street vendor and continued on to the chocolate workshop. We had read about lessons and wanted to participate but the manager told me it’s only run on weekend days at 16:30. Instead we watched the busy artisans moulding chocolates and browsed the amazing shop. We ventured upstairs and sat at a window table and indulged in chocolate delights from the café. It was very nice in there, calm, warm and cosy and the food and drinks were very well made.


Next we enjoyed browsing in the excellent Massolit book shop. I was tempted to buy some books but abstained until I’ve exhausted my shelf of books that I brought with me to Trondheim and the library. We continued along the bank of the Wisła river, past Smok Wawelski who terrified our daughter and delighted our son again.


Our next stop was Muzeum Inżynierii Miejskiej w Krakowie – the Municipal Engineering Museum. Tuesday is a free day there so we only had to pay 14 złoty for our family to enter the hands-on exhibition. It was very worthwhile! Our children delighted in the novel exhibits, all with bilingual signs explaining not just what to do but the science and inventor behind it. We’ve been to a lot of science centres but this is the first engineering centre and I was very impressed. We spent about an hour there and barely entered the actual museum because the activities were too good. We had an appointment to get to do wet pressed on.


On our first trip to Kraków in 2004 we stayed in Kazimierz, the Jewish quarter, and this time we were delighted to discover street art and food and some hip changes to an already nice area.


We had a snack at the street food spot before heading on.


We were booked at 16:00 at the ‘Maze’ real game centre. This trip we have focused on fun activities for our children and we decided to try a whole family problem solving exercise. We were locked in a room with hidden clues, a ‘bomb’ on a timer and a door with an unknown code that we needed to get out. We all had fun and I strongly recommend it to everyone. We didn’t realize that our daughter thought the danger was real and for her it was fun and challenging but very stressful. We all tried hard to solve the challenges but we were too slow to defuse the bomb and needed some hints through the walkie talkie to escape.


For dinner we went to the cheerful restaurant, od jajka do jabłka – from eggs to apples. The waitress was very friendly and the food was wonderful, with a strong Mediterranean influence. It was a treat to eat eggplants, garlic and strong Italian cheeses.


We walked through the Christmas markets in the main square and bought some goodies, including a Lapland sheep skin. I’ve been admiring then in Norway and paid a fraction of the cost compared to Trondheim. Somehow I managed to barter despite barely remembering the numbers. It’s a beautiful white, thick fleece that will be cosy and a wonderful addition to our home. My husband tried bigos (hunter stew) and I tried the grilled sheep’s cheese. A good end to a great day!





3 comments on “Kraków: chocolate, engineering & apples

  1. Moritz
    December 23, 2015

    Krakow is a truly lovely city. I can’t wait to return! 🙂

    • strivetoengage
      December 23, 2015

      Yes, I agree! It’s changing with time and we are seeing a different side altogether this trip. We expect to return soon. Especially since the direct flights are cheap and so is the accommodation and food!

      What do you love most about Kraków?

      • Moritz
        December 24, 2015

        That’s a tough question. I found all the restaurants and bars in the basements of historic buildings fascinating. There’s no natural daylight, but the atmosphere at night is just something totally amazing 🙂

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