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Polish aviation museum, Kraków


Today we started with a late breakfast at a cosy bakery near our apartment. Everything is super cheap and good here in Kraków. We started walking then gave up and caught a tram to the M1 shopping centre near the Arena to the east of the city centre. We walked into the big park to the outdoor science museum but that’s closed in winter so we kept walking through the fog in the oak tree forest. We were delighted to see a squirrel hurrying around burying acorns.


We passed people walking their dogs and taking a stroll. It was cold but there was the promise of nice weather when the fog burnt off.


There were lots of dirt mounds (presumably mole hills) and some ravens scratching around in the leaf litter. We were happy to find a large playground with plenty of equipment to captivate the attention and burn the sometimes seemingly boundless energy of our children. They played for more than an hour and in that time the sun came through the fog and we luxuriated in it’s feeble, low angle rays.


We had a picnic lunch in the sunshine in the forest then headed to the aviation museum.


The Polish Aviation Museum is a large museum of aircraft and associated weapons at the site of the no-longer functional Kraków-Rakowice-Czyżyny Airport.


We were amazed at the stupendous array of planes from biplanes to stunt planes to a huge collection of warplanes and some helicopters. The most recent that I saw was the jet in the photo above that was decommissioned by the German airforce in 2002 and sold to the Polish airforce for $1 then finally decommissioned in 2007.


We spent about 45 minutes playing with the interactive displays inside before wandering among the war machines outside.


I felt sick looking at all of those killing machines.


The missiles and bombs in particular caught the attention and imagination of our son. It was definitely worthwhile visiting the museum!


We hurried back to our apartment to change and rush into the old town for a concert of Christmas music by a string quartet. They are part of the Royal Chamber Orchestra. It was simply delightful and refreshing for my mind. Our children sat still and enjoyed it too. Our son enjoyed a short nap as well. My favourite was the piece by Corelli that I remember from the Patrick O’Brian novels.
From there we walked to Organic Sissi café where we had a marvellous meal of fresh vegetables in a tranquil setting. It was another good day in Kraków!


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