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Along the Nidelva, from Ila to Bakklandet

Nidaros Cathedral is the largest and northernmost medieval cathedral  in Scandinavia, built over the tomb of St Olav.

Nidaros Cathedral, viewed from the south

Nidaros Cathedral, viewed from the south

Nidaros Cathedral, built over a thousand years ago, dominates the Trondheim skyline. It’s a useful landmark for navigation and catches our eye many times a day – it’s bright green copper-clad spire is easily visible from our lounge-room window.

In late July the Cathedral was hosting the St Olav festival; we had just arrived in Trondeim and despite our extreme jet lag we made the most of the festival and the nice weather to visit the cathedral. They hosted a very popular “musical meditation” session that featured music from their famous organ. Our son fell asleep instantly, but for the rest of us it was a nice time to quietly observe the soapstone walls of the cathedral while the music played and the female minister spoke (in Norwegian). It’s quite dark inside, despite it’s large and amazing Rose Window.

View across the Nidelva

View across the Nidelva

Further along the river walk on the southern side of the Nidelva (Nid is the name of the river, elva means “river” in Norsk) one arrives at Bakklandet – an aesthetically interesting area on account of its colourful buildings. However, although the buildings in that area may be older than many of the others in central Trondheim, and there are a few cafes there, it isn’t that exceptional. Many areas in Trondheim feature multicoloured buildings of the same style, built around 1910 in what must have been a flurry of construction activity.

Bakklandet, Street View

Bakklandet, Street View

This idyllic neighbourhood on the east side of the Nidelva river features old timber buildings, originally the homes of the working class. Now restored, Bakklandet is a charming mixture of houses, shops and cafés.

City of Trondheim (

Bakklandet, the Cafes

Bakklandet, the Cafes


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